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Stronger and more beautiful! 10 tips to strengthen your immune system

Do you feel a bit tired and lacking strength? It’s time to change your habits and do something to help your immune system!

It all starts with a lifestyle : Here are 10 suggestions to live healthier and be invincible against any evil in the season!

Start from food …

Stronger and more beautiful!
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1. Follow proper hygiene

You could avoid a lot of viruses (as well as bacteria) by simply practicing good body hygiene.

If the advice to wash your hands often seems too obvious, it is a little ‘less, for example, not to touch the face and mouth with your hands after touching surfaces not exactly neat, such as supports on public transport. .. Virus and bacteria have in fact as privileged channels of spreading their eyes and mouth!

2. Take a nice hot shower

A shower, or a nice hot bath , can make real miracles for your body. In addition to your mind …

3. Use some product for prevention

Public transport is fertile ground for colds and flu, but with a specific prevention product you can greatly reduce the risk of any infection.

A protective gel can be very useful for the cause: it is also suitable for children and pregnant women, as it has no particular contraindications.

4. Take pro-biotics

Did you know that over 70% of your immune cells are in the intestine and are supported by healthy intestinal bacteria? This can only mean one thing: you have to keep your gut happy !

Excess of sugar, carbohydrates and alcohol during the winter and its many parties can cause imbalances, even deep, on our intestinal flora.

Keep your bowels balanced also by helping with pro-biotics : they will help to maintain the intestinal balance necessary to reduce the possibility of taking seasonal illnesses.

5. Occasionally it is a case of getting a massage

It does not always have to be for a special occasion! Not only does a good massage help relieve stress, but it is also great for stimulating circulation and increasing natural antibodies to fight bacteria and viruses.

Even a sauna is perfect for expelling toxins.

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6. Drink green tea

It helps to lose weight, is an ally of the heart and can prevent diseases: the benefits of green tea are truly amazing.
So you’re probably not even surprised to hear that it’s also great for keeping a cold at bay.

Drinking green tea regularly will not only help keep the body hydrated and eliminate toxins:

The polyphenols and flavonoids contained in it will help to strengthen your immune system.

7. Go to bed early: your cells will thank you!

The hours of sleep are a MUST. We need to sleep so that our body can regain its strength: and the immune system too. We recommend that you sleep at least 7 hours each night.

8. Do some exercise

Exercise relaxes, strengthens and makes you happy. You need light exercises like walking every day, cycling , for at least half an hour : they will make you feel better physically and mentally.

An excessive physical activity, especially for those who are not trained, can get the opposite and unwanted effect: lower our immune system.

In addition, every physical exercise also requires a recovery time, in which your body must have time to rest.

9. Relax!

Do not forget relaxation . Our body, like our mind, needs to relax. Stress is the greatest enemy of our immune system, negatively increases blood pressure and can cause depression.

Whether reading a book, meditating or caressing the cat … relaxation is, like sleep, a duty towards our cells.

10. Follow a healthy and balanced diet, with many vegetables

Never underestimate the influence that food and nutrition have on your health.

A portion of vegetables can contain more than 100 phytochemicals that will help boost the immune system every day.

Often eat foods such as broccoli, cabbage, soy, carrots, turmeric, onions and red fruits , currants and strawberries.

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