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What to eat at night when hungry and stay healthy

Anxiety attacks by food before going to bed are common and increase when the day has been exhausting. Learn what to eat at night when hungry. Ideally, eat nothing in the three hours before getting into bed. The stomach roars late at night and it is not always possible to silence it with a relaxing infusion. Sometimes the brain wants something to chew and puts you in front of the fridge or makes you open a package of potatoes at midnight. These foods can also help to stop bad habits such as smoking.

What to eat at night when hungry?

Here are some ideas of snacks or snacks approved by nutritionists to start with your new habits:

What to eat at night when hungry

  • High fiber cereal with milk

½ – ¾ cup with high fiber cereal (such as Kashi, All-Bran, Fiber One)

½ cup of milk or unsweetened milk substitute.

¼ cup with fruit (optional)

  • Strips of cheese

1 babybel

1 strip cheese bar

  • Toasted bread with avocado or hard-boiled egg

2 slices of thin toasted bread.

1 hard egg or ¼ avocado.

4. Banana with peanut butter

1 banana

1–2 tablespoons peanut butter, almond or cashew.

  • Fruits and nuts

¼ cup with nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews, peanuts).

½ cup of fresh fruit or ¼ cup of dried fruit.

  • Sliced ​​turkey on toast

2–4 slices of turkey breast.

1 slice of whole grain bread.

2 slices of tomato or 6 slices of cucumber.

  • Greek yogurt with granola or fruit

¾ – 1 cup Greek yogurt

2 tablespoons granola or nuts

¼ cup with fruit

  • Whole grain crackers with cheese

28 grams of cheese

4-6 cookies

  • Toasted bread with nut butter.

1 slice of whole grain toast.

1 tablespoon of peanut butter, almond or walnut from India.

  • Pistaches

¼ cup salted pistachios.

  • Cheese Cottage

½ – ¾ cup with Cottage cheese

¼ cup with split fruit (optional)

What to eat at night when hungry

Avoid fatty, spicy foods with lots of sugar or caffeine

The chemical compound capsaicin is found in the spicy and can cause indigestion or discomfort. It ruins your sleep cycle. Food with a lot of oil or fat (like fried foods) also takes a long time to digest. The problem is nothing more than keeping you awake, says Hyde, but the gastric juices stay longer in your body if you are in a horizontal position and that can cause reflux.

Sugar is also not good before sleeping. Try to avoid foods with a lot of added sugar like sweets or chocolates. If you have a craving for something sweet, we recommend you look for more natural options such as fruit or dairy.

Not all experts believe it is a bad idea to eat something before bedtime. For example, a study from Florida State University says that consuming 150 calories of protein 30 minutes before bed helps muscle development, control appetite in the morning, stimulate metabolism and recover from hard workouts in the gym.

Experts advise

The University of Florida study shows that in sedentary people those 150 calories ingested before bedtime are not beneficial because they produce insulin spikes and blood glucose that, over time, can cause fat accumulation, and favor the development of diabetes. Instead, these insulin spikes disappear in people who exercised three times a week because “they have an extra caloric expenditure and maintained by their activity. “

People who are not sedentary and do physical activity regularly are those who enjoy eating some protein before sleeping. Because having more muscle, their basal metabolism is more accelerated.

Sleep is the only time of the day when we do not need energy, as the body focuses on cell repair and renewal, an activity that can be stimulated with a protein snack before bedtime.

In short, if tonight you see yourself again in front of the refrigerator eat protein. For example, a skimmed yogurt, a glass of milk (also skimmed), a few slices of turkey or cooked ham or a portion of cheese not too large.

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