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What to eat before and after training? Pre and post workout tips

There is still a lot of confusion about what to eat before and after training: wrong or fragmentary information risks being counterproductive and harmful. Yet there are valid aids in the form of supplements that can help our body respecting it to the fullest, just know which ones.

Knowing what to eat before and after training is a necessary step to help our body to sustain the workout in an excellent way and, therefore, to have greater benefits.

Of food advice before and after exercise we could give many but all, or almost, provide the intake of specific supplements that, in addition to being practical and fast, allow you to take targeted principles and designed to make the best physical performance.

So it is necessary to make the right choice both as regards what to eat before and after our training and for the right supplements, not only in terms of types but also in quantity and quality. A superficial and not careful choice in this sense can in fact cause a series of problems to our health!

Pre and post workout supplements, are they safe?

Certainly this is the first question that comes to mind when we talk about supplements in powder or capsules.

Often, in fact, also because of misinformation, we tend to think of supplements as something negative or dangerous to assume, which is absolutely not true given that these products, if used with criteria, are useful to increase mass, to lose weight and strengthen the physical of all medium and intensive workout enthusiasts.

It is unfortunately true that many products today contain chemicals and components from low quality extractions, but it is also true that the market offers premium solutions quite interesting at affordable prices, ideal not only for sportsmen, but also for style lovers of healthy food life.

What to eat before training?

Before a workout at the gym or at the park, it is good to prepare our body for the effort it is taking. In addition to adequate hydration, which should normally occur during the day as usual, it is important to take creatine monohydrate (or arginine) associated with BCAA, or branched chain amino acids.

These food supplements – to be taken mixed in a smoothie or juice – provide more energy to the muscles, helping them to define themselves better and, therefore, to respond more decisively and quickly to the workout.

The monoidratata Creatine is ideal to give a boost of energy during the most acute phases of the training, the muscles supporting the effort and development.

Likewise, arginine, promoting the transport of nutrients into the blood, gives a tangible sensation of strength and endurance never before experienced.

As for the BCAAs, ie leucine, isoleucine and valine, these are an immediate source of energy for sportsmen, as amino acids are basic for the body.

Foodspring, a German startup with premium products of high quality and 100% natural, has succeeded in making these creatine, arginine and BCAA supplements without artificial additives, choosing only local raw materials and carefully selected from farms or controlled crops.

But not only, the capsules of Foodspring products are always made with vegetable jelly, so “vegan ok”. So if you do not know how to orient yourself in the universe of food supplements Foodsping is what is right for you, and that also offers a series of useful foods for pre and post workout. Here some advice.

Among the products offered by the startup we also find the Energy Aminos supplement , a powder to be dissolved in water with a pleasant lemon flavor, to be taken 20 minutes before the workout. The amino acids present inside will allow the muscles to support the training session and to make the most, while the caffeine will help the mind to find the right sprint to not give up.

Pre Workout Snack: Yes Or No?

Very often we ask ourselves if a pre-workout snack is suitable or not.

The answer is yes: it is right and useful to enjoy a snack before the gym, provided that this is appropriate to the physical effort that you will endure.

The Protein Bar of Foodspring is ideal in these situations: in fact, thanks to the right amount of proteins, fibers and amino acids and the low presence of carbohydrates, it is the snack to keep in the bag before starting a hard workout. Of course, all without forgetting the taste, thanks to the grains of raw cocoa beans and almonds.

Alternative for the diet’s followers Paleo is the Paleo Bar of Foodspring, distinguished by 100% organic quality with ingredients from sustainable crops. Thanks to the respect of the high standards that guarantee the consumer precise ethical and environmental characteristics, the bars of Foodspring are among the “VEGANOK” products suitable for those who respect a vegan diet and pay particular attention to the environment.

For those who instead love the strong taste of meat, the snack of Foodspring Beef Jerky is perfect, ideal to eat even after training.

What to eat after exercise?

But it is important to think about your muscles even after training when they need to regenerate, so it is good to help them by taking the right dose of supplements.

Such as Whey proteins, derived from whey, and L-glutamine combined with zinc and magnesium.

The Whey protein Foodspring are the perfect symbiosis between isolated whey protein concentrate and whey milk. Also in this case Foodspring shows its particular attention to the origin of the basic products from which the supplements are extracted: in this case, the cows that supply the milk of Whey proteins come from grazing farms and follow a plant feed without adding hormones or antibiotics.

This condition ensures us a product of the highest quality, from certified production Made in Germany and intact nutrients, which is not always traceable in other minor products.

L-glutamine is necessary to help muscle regeneration. In line with the high standards set, Foodspring’s L-glutamine is completely natural, coming from the fermentation of corn and peas, and not of animal derivation.

It is also good to remember that the training does not end after leaving the gym. The muscles, in fact, continue their work even after abandoning weights and dumbbells, for this it is good to take a supplement that is able to supply the muscles of the energy consumed. Recovery Aminos will provide the right carbohydrates, coming from malstodextrin and dextrose, which will make you say goodbye to fatigue.

In addition to Whey and L-glutamine proteins, it is very important to take, preferably in the evening, a zinc and magnesium supplement such as ZN: MG, which prevents fatigue and concentration, and keeps prevents annoying cramps.

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