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When a nuisance to the nose hides a nasal polyp?

Both adults and children may have disorders of the nose, which often do not bother. Do you suffer from asthma? Do you have other breathing problems? You do not feel good smells? You suffer from breast infections or allergies? Maybe you do not know which specialist to contact? Well, here you will find the answer to your question.

What problems might have?

Among the first hypotheses that are formulated, there are nasal polyps. Sometimes they are asymptomatic and few know of them because they are small and not restrict your breathing. No matter your age because the polyps can be formed at a very young age and later. Once identified, you can keep under pharmacological control to eliminate and prevent others; if, instead, reach a larger size should be surgically removed. Sometimes, in spite of the intervention it has been carried out correctly and successfully, the polyps can return.

What are the causes of nasal polyps?

It is useful to specify that cavity, nasal sinuses and nasal mucosa are very close; the tissue that produces them plays a liquid or mucus. The inner membrane is made up of many blood vessels and capillaries protected by tiny cilia. During the air inspiration, air enters, he creeps between a thousand streams and fissures that finds and reaches the lungs already heated or moistened. The small air particles are fixed on the mucus, but are pushed out of the eyelashes through the nose or the throat. But why then do they form? One cause is the chronic inflammation of the nasal mucosa that remains in the same condition about 3 months. If both inflammation and the response to it by the immune system to cause the polyps is not sure, but it seems to be both decisive in their training.

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Who is at greatest risk?

Any chronic inflammation of the nasal mucosa to sinusitis or any problem of the airway increases the risk of suffering from nasal polyposis. Other factors have allergies or respiratory diseases such as for example, asthma. To cure such diseases it makes use of medications that can lead to allergic reactions that cause the formation of polyps. To these can be added the allergic sinusitis, cystic fibrosis, and other less well known. The age affects, but not significantly, in the sense that polyps prevail in adults, but do not exclude children. Finally, genetic predisposition is another risk factor.

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What are the most common symptoms?

Among the most common symptoms is the case of mention: inflamed mucosa which gives burning or discomfort, mucus runny nostrils, a sense of oppression and occlusion (nose perpetually closed and blocked), gradual olfactory loss (you have difficulty to perceive odors ) and taste, ocular itching, headache and tendency to snore. All this does not happen, if the polyps are small. If you try these or any of the symptoms listed, you should go to an audiologist or an allergist, in order to diagnose the reasons that trigger your problems. The point is that such symptoms not only indicates the presence of polyps but sometimes the flu or a bad cold lead to these nuisances; if, however, been bad for more than 10 days, you had better check the situation.

What to do in case of polyps or nasal polyposis?

The diagnosis is generally made by means of thorough examination and nose. Polyps are seen using a special lighted instrument introduced gently into the nose.

To be sure, specialists make use of specific tests such as nasal endoscopy, which allows thanks to a tube which carries a lens to evaluate what is in your nose accurately. It is a not particularly painful examination that ensures a secure diagnosis. In addition to endoscopy it is also computed tomography to do in case it is not clear abnormality or pathology that causes polyps. In the latter case they are emitted X-rays that allow the identification of any other nasal obstructions, such as for example any malignancies. To know your allergies that produce chronic inflammation, you can perform a skin prick test by which you put a few drops of allergen on pelleper 15 minutes and then see the reaction. In the presence of polyps would be established it should be excluded as the cause cystic fibrosis, with the examination of the sweat. This disease affects the mucus-producing glands, tears, sweat, saliva and gastric juices and is detected by measuring the amount of sodium chloride in the sweat.

What treatments are available?

There is a tendency to reduce or eliminate polyps pharmacologically using sprays containing corticosteroids or cortisone. They should be then used specific drugs against allergies and can sometimes be sufficient or an antihistamine, in case of infection, a broad-spectrum antibiotic. If the corticosteroid nasal not enough, can be taken orally (by mouth), but they can have side effects. Where the treatment is not effective, surgery comes in handy. Possible actions are polypectomy (removal of polyps) on an outpatient basis and endoscopic surgery with a suitable instrumentation to the removal and recovery of the nasal cavity, which is also performed in the clinic. At operation follow preventive measures such as cortisone nasal sprays and washes with saline. Also they should be treated preventively to allergies and asthma to keep both under control.

Other rules are: avoid all substances that cause allergies, wash your hands, keep the house humidified, use salt water while the nasal washings.


Everything has a solution, either pharmacological, surgical want. It is important, however, to go to the specialist as soon as possible in order to make an accurate diagnosis. Sometimes we worry about a bad cold, other times we do not pay attention to nasal or respiratory disorders maybe for fear of having bad news. Prevention, prevention, prevention wherever possible!

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