7 steps to achieve goals and make your aspirations a reality

Achieve goals– Contagious by the beginning of a new cycle or period, by the energy of the people with whom you live, by a need either on a personal or professional level and achieve this new desired state, are situations that lead to the setting of goals.

However, it often happens that

  • After a time since the elaboration of this goal, everything continues the same.
  • When the date of accomplishment of the goal arrives, there is no significant progress.
  • The purpose of achieving desired goals has been forgotten.
  • The goals are reprogrammed again and again.

What are the causes of situations like the previous ones? Are they unattainable goals? When the goals are abandoned and later fall into oblivion, what are the causes of demotivation?

The goals contain a number of steps to carry them out, which are the objectives and vary depending on the size of the same.

Some, like reaching short-term goals , will require a simple action to fulfill them. Others, such as achieving medium and long-term goals , tend to be more elaborate and the degree of complexity increases; This is where the challenges or obstacles come to be presented and it is important to know the appropriate elements to overcome them and continue on.

So, what is it that has to be done to achieve proposed goals?

Reaching goals should correspond to achieving a better state

steps to achieve goals

One reason to establish a goal has to do with the following approach.

To what extent do you feel satisfied with what you have achieved so far?

Achieve goals, involves making an investment of time, effort to perform additional tasks or different from those currently performed. Focus that effort on producing a favorable change for you , whether on a personal or professional level.

Get more than you now have

the steps to achieve goals

It is easy to get used to the daily routine, to the comfort; but it can also lead to boredom. This situation can produce the need to aspire to improve, personal and professional improvement.

The arrival of a new knowledge, a new technology, brings with it a need to adapt on a personal level so as not to be left behind. At the business level, look for opportunities to obtain competitive advantages against competitors.

Make the decision to acquire new habits, skills, knowledge in order to grow.

  • To be a better professional, a better leader, to inspire collaborators, other leaders and to achieve a better quality in the work and in the results of the company.
  • Situations like the previous ones move to make an effort to reach goals.
  • Working to achieve goals, without perceiving a better state or benefit, generates the feeling that there is no reason to invest in the process and then abandonment occurs.
  • The objectives should allow you to advance
  • The goal is the writing of the aspiration to achieve. The objectives are actions, they are the steps that comprise your path towards the aspirated result.

Identify what is important to you

To achieve proposed goals it is necessary to identify what you will receive and if it is of value to you.

The following approach will be useful for you. What is important to you in relation to what you intend to achieve? For example, get status, health, freedom, happiness. When you get it, what will it bring? Discovering what is important to you will keep you motivated on the journey of reaching goals .

This is a step that you will need to validate. Raising goals whose results do not obtain the value that are important to you, can lead to abandoning the purpose of achieving goals.

The goal behind the achieve goals

achieve goals and make your aspirations a reality

The achievement of the goal , sometimes represents a step towards the final destination. For example, to learn a language, because the desired ascent is destined for another country.

That is, there is a goal behind the goal. Learning this language is transcendent to achieve the full.

It is convenient to investigate what is behind that goal when considering what you want to achieve; will allow to establish priorities and maintain motivation during the process, in this case, maintain the discipline to learn and master the new language, as it will be a key tool in the next professional destination.

Error: change only by changing

Working to achieve professional or personal goals , implies changes.

It is important to be aware that part of the current situation, the daily routine will undergo modifications and can move you away from a safe area.

It is good to consider the challenges you will face during these changes. Facing a path that you may not have traveled, a new scenario, questions or new problems to solve.

Be clear that after these challenges, you will see the benefits, the results, is a stimulus to move forward during the change stage.

Change by changing, by a passing fad or by being influenced by others without being convinced or organized, will cause that when faced with scenarios like the previous ones, the motivation to achieve objectives   disappears.

On the other hand, the change must be an orderly process; filling yourself with goals and trying to fulfill them all at the same time, it can become overwhelming and in the end it causes you to give up to achieve the desired state.

Consider the ecology of the goal

This step refers to the consequences of achieving your goals.

Either during the process to your new destination or to fulfill it, it can affect other people, either by stopping to take some action or by a new one that you are now undertaking.

In addition, the consequences are also for you, what are you willing to give up to achieve goals?

The effect on other people

  • It is important to consider this from the goal statement.
  • Changes produce effects in the environment, which can affect the people around you in a positive or negative way. Likewise, changes can be transparent to them.
  • Are you aware of how you can influence the people around you during and when you meet your goals?
  • Are you looking for your goals to have an effect on other people or be transparent to them?
  • How can they be affected?

What should you give up?

the achieve goals

Working for a better state means leaving behind some habits, modifying schedules, changing your residence, maybe you will have to let go of a good to invest in your progress, maybe spend less time to live with your friends, with your family.

Are you clear about the scope of these changes and how can it affect you? What will affect your life when the goal is met?

Analyze the impact of this point, before starting. Talk with people close to you, let them see if it will be a temporary or definitive affectation, as well as the benefits. In addition you will be able to obtain suggestions that you agree to include in your goals of goal.

Ever note

Among the interesting options of this tool, is the creation of notes. Here you can write your ideas. When carrying out the tasks arise learning, questions, problems to solve, among others. In this way you can document these comments and apply them later, as in the review of progress, when facing a similar situation in a later objective, among others.

This tool is available in desktop or APP mode. One advantage is the synchrony between devices. When you write a note on your desktop computer, you can view it on your mobile and vice versa.


Investing time and resources to achieve goals must lead to benefits; change for change, for fashion, sooner or later you will discover that if it does not lead you to a better state, that it is not worthwhile to continue striving to fulfill it, this longing will be forgotten.

A determining factor during the whole process is motivation. It is convenient before starting, to dedicate time to make a checklist about how important it is and what contributes to your life, to your profession, to fulfill a certain goal. Take care, validate these aspects and do not become an aspiration for oblivion.

Be practical Use tools that accompany you in your day to day and contribute to form the habit of carrying out the tasks that lead to the fulfillment of the goal. Even some of them are available Apps for mobile devices. Now it remains to be disciplined and persevering to turn your aspirations into reality.

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