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Feel better- There are many purposes that appear on our list of things to do and change every year but very few that we actually fulfill. Perhaps because of the difficulty of carrying them out or because of laziness they are forgotten and we do not remember them until the following year. Why not start with the small changes ? Those that are easy and simple but that the consequences they bring are great and beneficial.

Start by being right with one is the most important thing so that this year goes as you want. Dare to take the important step of renewing yourself and leaving behind everything negative that intoxicates you. Begin to love yourself, take care of yourself as physically as emotionally, free yourself from fears, experience, enjoy life … All are purposes that will make this year the year .

Healthy means in feel better

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One of the purposes to feel better more typical and topical but that is essential to be comfortable with yourself. If you take care of yourself inside, you will notice on the outside. A healthy and varied diet will improve your face and skin, making you feel rejuvenated and healthy. Combine a balanced diet with sports to tone your body and be in shape. 30 minutes walking or practicing running can be a simple step that will bring you great benefits A purpose to feel better that will fill you with life and energy .

Sure of yourself

Leave behind insecurities and fears to give way to security and confidence in yourself. It’s all about attitude  so if you’re comfortable with yourself and the rest of the people will see it. It’s not about making a change of look or renewing your wardrobe, it’s as simple as changing your attitude and believing in yourself , reminding you every day that you can. Having a good attitude, positive and cheerful in front of life will help you and the relationship you have with the people around you. Purpose to feel better indispensable for this 2016.

Keep calm

The stress of work, of studies, of the family and the non stop rhythm that you carry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is one of the main problems that prevent you from feeling better. Step on the brake and relax . Dedicate a moment to the day for you, doing sports, yoga, reading a book or practicing the hobbies that you like most is one of the keys of this purpose to feel better. Having a space and time for each one is essential to be able to disconnect, be comfortable with oneself and reduce the stress of day to day. Take it easy and enjoy life.

Break with the sexual routine

Do you think you have not enjoyed the most or have not experienced enough of sex during all this time? This is your moment. Dare to break with the routine to discover new experiences and sensations . Surprise your partner with an erotic box of Sensualist can be one of the keys to break the monotony and introduce erotic toys in your relationships. Role playing or even trying the BDRM are also ideal to experiment and make your fantasies come true and live sex one hundred percent. A purpose to feel better irresistible and most pleasant. Ideal to enjoy and free yourself to the maximum of fear and shame and make all your most erotic dreams come true.

Goodbye to the toxic

Purposes to feel better

Observe your surroundings and look at everything that you do not like or prevent you from being happy. Toxic relationships, negative people, stressful situations … To fulfill this purpose to feel better is essential to throw out of your environment those people or situations that do not bring anything positive but a lot of negative. To feel better about yourself, reflect on what you want to have in your life, what you like and what you do not, what you tolerate and what you do not allow. A tip: Stay with the good . Dare to take the step and feel liberated to face the new year completely renewed and free of negativism.

House, beauty and leisure

the feel better

In addition to not using chemical cleaners or wasting energy or water, we must try to recycle, reuse and, of course, separate the waste in different garbage bins. To feed the soul and set the house and dishes, we can plant various aromatic plants with which to cook.

If we have no room on the balcony or no terrace and garden, a bright kitchen can be more than enough for plants to grow healthy and beautiful. You can also use them to make beauty treatments or home remedies of different types. Our personal care will be much more ecological if we dispense with products that have chemical elements in the composition and opt for a natural beauty based on self-made formulas or bio cosmetics , if we prefer.

Take advantage of the wonderful bike to go to work or to take relaxing walks in a natural environment as possible. Taking long walks in the countryside, parks or malls is another interesting option to feel close to nature.

Also, at work there are endless tricks that can be applied to save light , paper or any other resource. When in doubt, let us be guided by common sense and we will most probably succeed fully.

How to feel better with yourself

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Accept yourself as you are

The first essential step to feel better about yourself is to accept yourself as you are, both with your virtues and with your faults . The human being is imperfect by nature. And that is precisely where the beauty of each person lies, both physically and mentally.


It is very common for people to have idealized a prototype of a man or woman they want to look like. However, in a high percentage it is a simple beauty ideal , which has nothing to do with reality.

Be proud of your achievements

There are many people who tend to attribute each of their merits to the fate or influence of third parties. Nothing could be further from the truth; Every achievement you get in the way of life is the result of your effort and your work .

Thus, one of the key guidelines for feeling better about yourself is that you take a period of reflection to assess all the positive things you have and why you have achieved them. Surely it helps you to realize what you are worth and everything you have been able to achieve.

Take advantage of your flaws

The defects do not have to be seen as a negative aspect if you know how to take advantage of them. For example, the signs of aging that begin to be visible after 40 years, such as wrinkles or lines of expression, can be seen as a sign of experience.

The most important thing is that you do not feel ashamed of your faults since it is noticeable, so that the people around you will act as if those characteristics are something negative.

Dedicate yourself to what you like

One of the main causes that lead many people to suffer great dissatisfaction has to do with the fact that they waste their time in what they do not like, both personally and professionally. The solution is to reinvent yourself .

You must focus on the action and prevent negative thoughts and feelings from invading your mind and preventing you from continuing forward along the path of happiness. Reflect on what you would like to do and get down to work to achieve your dreams and your goals. If you do this, you will surely be proud of the path you are taking, even before reaching the goal.

Make your own decisions

Another reason why many people feel a chronic dissatisfaction has to do with the fact that other people direct their lives, so they are not free to make their own decisions.

If this is your case, it is time to free yourself from the ropes that tie you to a lifestyle you do not like and start a new path in which only you are the owner of your life . Of course, you can count on the opinion of your friends and family, but always trying to ensure that they do not impose on your thoughts and feelings.

Make positive changes

To feel better about yourself, it is important to focus on all the positive aspects of life. There are those who consider that true happiness is at the end of the road, when the dreams and the proposed goals have been reached. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is that happiness is part of the path itself; it is therefore a means, not an end. You must enjoy every little detail of life and eliminate everything that provokes negative emotions and thoughts, both situations and people.

Take care of your personal relationships

The human being is social by nature , so it is very important that you take care of your personal relationships. The quality premiums over the quantity, so the number of friends you have is not as important, but your relationship with them and what are the links that really unite you.

Beyond your professional life, you should dedicate time to foster friendship relationships , trying to bring positive aspects to the lives of your friends. Of course, you must surround yourself with those vital and dynamic people, who give you moments full of happiness.

Search motivation

Life is not at all a path of roses; It is full of obstacles to overcome and continue. Well, to face them in the best way possible and continue forward is essential that you really love what you do, both personally and professionally. Otherwise, you will not have any motivation to get up after having fallen.

Therefore, it is important that you spend some time analyzing your inner self and knowing what it is you really want to find that motivation. When you find it, you will feel better about yourself and everything will be easier.

Dedicate time to yourself

A very common mistake among the vast majority of people is that they spend practically all their time to others and forget about themselves. If you identify with it, it is important that you spend a few minutes each day taking care of yourself, both physically and mentally. You can take advantage to practice those activities that you like, such as reading, for example.

If you need to escape, nothing better than a solo trip to a place that you like. This type of trips, in addition to allowing you to know different places in the world, are also a unique opportunity to get to know yourself better.

Seek a good physical and mental balance

And finally, to feel better about yourself it is essential that you look for a good balance both physically and mentally. The diet is essential in a balanced life plan, so it is important that you follow a healthy diet , with a high consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Of course, the practice of physical exercise is very important to feel good about yourself. It is also a great way to spend time with yourself, doing those activities that you like: hiking, biking, dancing … A world of possibilities at your fingertips!

The truth is that in theory it seems simple, but in practice many people fail. That is why it is convenient to acquire a series of habits and incorporate them into the daily routine .

The most important thing is to always think of yourself first . This does not imply at all that you should be selfish, but simply that the best way to help others first is to feel good about yourself. In addition, true happiness can only come from oneself; In no case is one truly happy if the mood depends on other people.

Finally, logically, people who have an environmental conscience feel better when they introduce small Eco-friendly gestures into their daily lives in order to be in harmony with our immediate environment and, therefore, also with the planet. Without being a fan of ecological habits, we can carry out a series of ideas that help us feel good in our skin, because having a behavior consistent with what one thinks is a necessity. They may seem small, but all our little gestures have a joint meaning that goes beyond their consideration separately. Not in vain, they conform and express a mentality that will not be long in spreading because it is positive, responsible and irresistibly contagious in our family, work environment, of acquaintances and, with greater reason, of friendships.


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