Visa Requirements For an Au Pair

To come to the USA to become an au pair, you must have a J-1 visa. This visa is obtained through an officially-approved au pair agency. While au pairs can come from nearly any country globally, their immigration must be handled through one of the 16 designated US au pair agencies. The length of stay for an au pair usually is 12 months. To obtain visa requirements for your au pair, you must apply online.

Getting a visa for an au pair

Obtaining a visa for an Au Pair is a relatively simple process. First, the Au Pair must arrange an appointment at the US embassy and present all necessary documents. Next, a short interview will be conducted, and fingerprints will be taken. Once she has arrived in the USA, she will begin her five-day orientation program. Once she has completed the program, the au pair will travel to her host family.

Before you apply for an au pair visa, you must prove that you are eligible to work in the United States. To qualify for the Exchange Visitor Program, you must meet specific educational and skill requirements, have ties to your home country, and have the financial means to support yourself and your host family. The state department will confirm your eligibility for the program during the application process. In addition to these requirements, you must have a driver’s license and insurance.

Documents required to get a visa for an au pair

The documents needed to get a visa for an Au Pair vary depending on the country of origin. In most cases, the Au Pair will need a valid passport and a Form DS-2019. If the Au Pair comes from a different country, they should bring a copy of their DS-160, a letter from their home country, and some proof of their “binding ties” to the country. The documents you need to bring with you may vary, so be sure to check with your embassy or an Au Pair agency in your country.

The documents you need to get a visa for an Au Pair will vary based on where you plan to work. For example, some countries require that the Au Pair has basic language skills, while others will not. You should consider getting an official certificate to prove your language fluency in these cases. In addition, a valid passport is essential, as an expired one will not allow you to get a visa. So, make sure to check that your passport is good for the entire duration of your stay in the country of employment.

Fees associated with getting a visa for an au pair

If you are planning to hire an au pair from outside of your country, there are several fees involved in this process. These fees include those from the U.S. government and sponsor agencies and those from your host family. These fees cover the costs associated with recruitment, screening, and education. The Go Au Pair program fee covers these expenses. In addition, the prices you pay to your host family are tax-deductible and are credited towards the cost of the visa.

The fees for an au pair vary from two to five thousand dollars but cover most of the costs related to the process. They include the application processing, interview, and DiSC personality assessment. These fees do not cover the cost of international airfare or domestic transportation costs.

Grace period

If you are interested in working in the United States as an au pair, you should know the importance of the grace period for au pair visa requirements. If you leave your program early, you are breaking visa regulations. However, you can travel within the country during this grace period. You should ensure that you complete the program and contact the appropriate authorities to notify them of your departure. Moreover, you should make sure that you plan on returning to the United States before the grace period ends.

After receiving your DS-2019, you will be granted a grace period. After that, you will not be allowed to work or be paid. In addition, you cannot re-enter the U.S. during this time unless the host family provides room and board.

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