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Natural remedies for bed bugs: Eliminate them right now

One of the most annoying insects that can be found is bed bugs, known by this name for living between sheets and mattresses to bite people at night when they sleep. These are very annoying insects. They require chemical treatments to eliminate them. If you want to know how to eliminate bed bugs, keep reading. Here, we will tell you natural remedies for bed bugs in eliminating them.

Natural remedies for bed bugs

Bed bugs, whose scientific name is Cimex lectularius, are insects that feed on the blood of mammals, including humans, just as mosquitoes or ticks do. This insect has the peculiarity of occurring in colonies formed by several individuals. It makes them more complicated to eliminate than when dealing with an isolated mosquito or tick. Keep reading: Natural remedies for dyspepsia

Natural remedies for bed bugs

Bed bugs are red or brown insects, with a relatively small and flat body. It allows them to hide easily. They feed mainly at night when they take the opportunity to bite their victims. For this reason, they usually live in places close to the bed, either in a mattress, the bed frame, the headboard or even the sheets themselves.

How is the bug bite?

At the time of the bite, you do not feel anything, which makes it difficult to detect them. After a few minutes, or even hours later, you start to feel a constant itch and, then, a small grain similar to what mosquito bites can produce will appear. This makes their presence confused with the latter. A simple way to identify them is that bed bug bites usually appear online.

Eliminate bed bugs naturally

One of the problems that bed bugs have in their elimination is that they can be very resistant insects. Although they tend to feed on average every ten days, in case of absence of food, they can live more than a year in a state of lethargy while waiting for a source to feed them. Depriving them of access to food is usually not enough to eliminate them naturally.

On the contrary, it has been shown that they are animals that tolerate extreme temperatures with difficulty. To eliminate bed bugs naturally, it is best to make use of these extreme temperatures. It eliminates both adult bugs and their eggs and hatchlings.

Eliminate bed bugs with cold

Eliminate bed bugs with cold

This can be done both with cold and with heat. In the case of wanting to use the cold, a simple option will be to cool the environment enough for a few hours so that all the bugs die. This can be achieved in winter by leaving the windows open or removing all the furniture that may be infected (mattress, mattress, headboard, bedding, etc.).

For this method to be effective, it will be necessary to make sure that we are talking about really low temperatures. At least, close to 0ºC.

eliminate bed bugs with heat

How to eliminate bed bugs with heat

On the other hand, if we live in a place where these temperatures cannot be reached, or simply do not have the possibility of moving furniture to a place with these characteristics. The best way to eliminate bed bugs naturally will be through of heat.

For this, the first thing to do is wash all the bedding that could be infected in the washing machine at high temperatures, at least 50ºC.

How to remove house bugs

Regarding the mattress and the rest of the bedroom furniture, it will be necessary to do a steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is carried out through a machine that emits water vapor at high temperatures. It does not use chemicals, high temperatures and steam water are sufficient to remove dirt.

In addition to removing dirt, the steam temperature of these machines also eliminates the presence of insects, including bed bugs. To do this, it is important to make sure that the steam penetrates well through all parts of the mattress as well as through any hole that may serve as a hiding place for bed bugs.

Prevent bed bugs from showing up at home

On the other hand, to prevent bed bugs from appearing, it is very important to take into account a series of precautions that will make it difficult to reach our bedroom:

Keep a good watch on any place where they can hide, especially fabrics such as sheets, pillows, curtains or carpets.
Do not leave clothing or possible fabrics on the floor. Take special care when you go to hotels or sleep outside the house, as you can adhere to these places and then transport them to your own home.

Avoid putting the suitcase on the bed, especially if it is wheeled. The bedbugs can pass from the floor to the wheels of the suitcase and from there to the bed. Change the sheets frequently. Keep the bedroom clean and with few things to prevent dirt from accumulating more easily.

Clean clothes and bedding at high temperatures. Especially after traveling or when you have been in places where there might be bedbugs. Act immediately as soon as you suspect the presence of bedbugs. You will avoid giving them time to reproduce and increase their number with the natural remedies for bed bugs.

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