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What causes Earwax to build up

What can be a particularly unpleasant substance, earwax, is actually one of the most essential parts of the human body.  It’s a sticky substance that appears in the ear as the name suggests.  Unsurprisingly it’s also quite waxy.  inside the ear is a gland that produces it.  It’s part of the body’s many defence mechanisms in trying to keep out foreign objects  such as dust and dirt.  The ear canal is an essential part of the human senses and if it is damaged in any way it can cause hearing loss.  It is also extremely sensitive and can produce great amounts of pain if it becomes infected.  The wax is also there to protect the eardrum which is your source of hearing and balance. its other use is as a moisturiser so that the ear inside does not become dry and itchy.

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As brilliant as this all is if there is too much waxy  build up it can cause some issues. Scientists are still unsure as to why the body produces so much but much of it is down to Simple genetics.  Age is also a factor older people will produce dryer earwax which is more likely to become stuck in the ear.

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Other factors include a narrowing of your ear canal and also excessive cleaning.  If you have hearing aids or earplugs a lot, like Fernando Alonso above, this can also be a contributing factor. Sometimes only a professional will do and a quick search for Ear wax removal near me will soon produce

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