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8 lavender tea benefits: Learn to make it yourself

Did you know that lavender tea is a very effective remedy for relieving headaches related to premenstrual syndrome, winter depression? It also helps us reduce anxiety. It seems that every day more people discover (re-discover and re-value) the many advantages of drinking herbal teas. Do you know the lavender tea benefits and what it is to drink lavender tea? This type of tea has been used for centuries. Especially for people suffering from nervous system disorders.

Lavender tea benefits

  1. People who suffer from insomnia have discovered that they can get a major improvement by drinking lavender tea.
  2. For people with stomach problems, such as gas and colic problems, it is especially good.
  3. Those who suffer from bowel or stomach infections also appreciate its calming effect.
  4. It is very useful for people with nervous disorders. It helps those who suffer from anxiety, depression and stress to improve their mood and make them have a better general feeling.
  5. In the case of people suffering from problems related to the respiratory system (colds, coughs, bronchitis and even asthma ) it is also very favorable to drink this tea because it produces a bronchodilator effect.
    For sensitive gums and to avoid bad breath is very effective.
  6. To heal injuries, wounds or in ulcers and sores of the mouth, lavender tea can be applied directly on the skin.
  7. When there is a fever, it is an excellent treatment to control it, because when it stimulates perspiration, it produces a drop in temperature.
  8. For women who have a hard time and suffer from headaches for premenstrual syndrome, this infusion can work wonders.

But that is not its only healing power, but its health benefits are many. Would you like to know more about the benefits of this formidable plant and its infusion?

lavender tea benefits

The origin of lavender

It is a very aromatic plant. It looks more like a bush with its many branches and woody stems. We can easily determinate by its purple flowers, but there are also white and pink.

The lavender plant is native to the north and east of Africa, Arabia, India, the Mediterranean, and even southern Europe. Its popularity has spread to other places, such as the United States and Japan, where they are currently cultivating it. The best cultivation results occur when the lavender is planted in places where there is a lot of sun and a dry climate.

Lavender tea, excellent for your health. Lavender is used in a variety of products for its aroma and faculties as relaxing. There are many lavender products on the market: essential oils, candles and even incense, but tea is one of the most popular for its numerous benefits for the body. The properties for health come from the different components of the plant, such as tannins, camphor oil, flavonoids.

How to prepare lavender tea

The procedure is very simple: Dip a few of the dried flowers in boiling water, let it stand for about 10 minutes, strain and serve the tea. The ideal for this infusion to take effect as a remedy for anxiety is to consume 2 and 4 cups of lavender tea daily and to sleep, take it before bedtime or overnight. No more detours, here goes the recipe …


– 4 spoons of dried flowers (double if they are not dry),
– 1 liter of water
– Honey if you want to sweeten.

Preparation of lavender tea, remedy for anxiety:

Boil the dried flowers with the liter of water for 10 minutes. After this time, it should be allowed to stand for a few minutes after brewing the infusion. It is also a good idea to make ice cubes of this tea and use them with other varieties of hot teas or ice cream, in this way, you can give your infusions a special touch.

To finish what do you think about the idea of ​​cultivating this wonderful plant in your home? In this way, you will be able to enjoy its ornamental value, its rich aroma and you will also always have it on hand to prepare this excellent infusion, so beneficial for human health.

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