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Yoga pose for sciatica: Say goodbye to your pain

Yoga is a psychophysical and spiritual discipline native to India that has several health benefits. In addition to helping us tone the body and combat stress and anxiety. It can help relieve sciatic and lumbar pain. Yoga exercises, known as postures or asanas, work all the muscles gradually in order to relieve the pain with your usual practice.

Yoga pose for sciatica

Identifying a sciatic pain is necessary to be prepared and know what yoga exercises are that can help decrease the discomfort effectively. This pain mainly affects the thigh and buttocks and often radiates to the foot. In general, affects only one side of the body.

Yoga pose for sciatica

Not always the person will feel chronic pain, but it can be so painful as to prevent him from performing the simplest daily activities. Other times it can also manifest as a simple tingling in the legs.

The piriformis muscle is one of the small rotators of the hip and is responsible for most cases of consultation for sciatic pain, as it actively intervenes to turn the leg outwards. The herniated disc: an alteration of the disc between two vertebrae that causes compression of the roots of the sciatic nerve.

Reduce sciatic pain with yoga exercises

To reduce the pain in your sciatica. If the neuralgia is caused by the piriformis muscle, you can put in practice some yoga stretches that will help you lengthen especially the lower part of the back and will allow you to prevent or stop this uncomfortable pain. Remember to inhale and exhale slowly through your nose while you carry out these postures to oxygenate your body.

Dog looking upside down pose

Dog looking upside down

Get on your knees with your hands resting on the floor, a little wider than the width of your shoulders. The knees should be aligned below the hips. Drop your head down. Inhale, resting on your toes and exhale, raising the knees of the floor, supporting all the weight in the hands and the front of the feet. Raise the hips with the coccyx to the sky. Keep the dog’s pose facing down. We must simulate an inverted letter for at least 30 seconds.

Cobra pose

Cobra pose

Lie on your stomach with your arms on the sides of your body. Press your palms against the floor at shoulder height and use the muscles of the back to raise the head and upper torso. Stretch the arms and arch the thorax. Keep your eyes forward and the posture of the cobra for 30 seconds.

Lying pose of the big toe

Lying pose of the big toe

To relieve sciatic and lumbar pain, lie on your back with your legs straight and together. Bend the right leg towards your chest and place a ribbon on the sole of the foot. Now stretch the leg holding the tape with both hands, pulling it down as if you want to bring the leg to the nose. Hold the extended position of the big toe for 30 seconds and repeat with the left side.

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