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Can q outweigh the benefits of a healthy diet?

Stress seems to be the evil of the XXI century and many diseases are attributed to their presence in the lives of people, because apparently if we have good habits but we are stressed, we are still at risk, since stress may outweigh the benefits a healthy diet.

Stress and its impact on our body

Not only can alter our mood and our night’s rest, but also our food choices and metabolic what we eat responses, so much so a recent study published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry notes that stress can outweigh the benefits of one diet healthy.

can-stress-outweigh-the-benefits-of-a-healthy-dietThe study, conducted with 58 women with an average age of 53 years, showed that when participants were not stressed, foods rich in saturated fats incrementation inflammatory markers while foods rich in unsaturated fats did not, but if the previous day the intake women experienced stressful events, after an observed both meals increased inflammation in the body.

This indicates that stress may affect the way we process foods , perhaps because it alters the release of certain hormones related to metabolism such as insulin, which has proven resistance to its action increases as levels increase cortisol in blood.

Likewise, those who eat stress or stress, tend to have increased levels of insulin, all of which can lead to metabolic disturbances that eventually disembowelment in the so – called metabolic syndrome or various diseases

Although the study was conducted with a small number of people and only with women, researchers believe that the results are extrapolated to the general population and really should pay attention to the findings because, due to the neuroendocrine disorder that can cause stress in our body, both the benefits of a healthy diet and other lifestyle habits can dull or have different effects.

So more than ever we must consider stress as a risk factor for health and be alert to their presence, then they controlled the same levels can be beneficial but long -term and chronically, this evil today can affect more than we imagine.

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