How to store radishes: useful tips

How to store radishes

Radish is a seasonal vegetable. Everybody knows. Juicy, light, crunchy. How to store radishes? To enjoy the spring flavor in winter, there are several ways. What varieties of radish can be stored until spring Not all radish varieties are suitable for long-term storage. Spring at the beginning of a month will turn into rags, despite […]

How to use dry shampoo and the secrets for a perfect result

Dry shampoo is an effective product in case of oily or dirty hair, a remedy to be used as an alternative to shampooing with water to refresh the hair or when we don’t have time to wash our hair. Here’s how to best apply it to fit it into our beauty routine!


Blue is the most common color in men’s clothing, of all ages. The classic elegant men’s suits in various shades of blue present in everyone’s wardrobes, during the occasions, are periodically reused, often with a white shirt. So how to reinvent it, spending little, even just with a tie? You can evaluate different options including […]