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5 techniques to overcome panic attacks

Panic attacks or anxiety are experienced every day by many people. If you suffer from panic attacks or have ever suffered from it, I am sure you will know how incapacitating they can be. That is why it is necessary that you know some techno, likes to be able to overcome these attacks and so that they never affect you again, or at least not as seriously.

Many people experience anxiety and panic attacks on a regular basis, it is a very debilitating experience and to suffer it continuously can seriously affect the quality of life of the person. Panic attacks can be frightening without ever being experienced before but do not have to be all panic attacks the same, people can feel it in very different ways.

Some people feel that it is a surreal feeling or a feeling of being out of control, while othemorers experience a sense of imminent death. A person may have nausea, sweaty palms, while another may feel very weak, tremble and even be short of breath. There are many emotions and physical symptoms that a person can experience when they are suffering from a panic attack. Anxiety is not cured, but it can be treated and controlled, so do not miss the following techniques to overcome a panic attack or anxiety.

Panic attacks: Breath!Panic attacks

When a panic attack occurs there are changes in breathing as people tend to breathe more quickly and in a shallow way. The heart rate is accelerated and it seems that it is difficult to calm down and relax, but if you take control of your breathing you can have control of the situation. Read more: 5 Strange Ways Anxiety Could Affect You

If you have ever been to a yoga class you will know how to concentrate on your breathing, if you have not been there, I advise you to go or see tutorials on the Internet to learn how to do it. You need to learn quick relaxation techniques with breathing to control your nerves, your anxiety and when you begin to notice that a panic attack is imminent. The breathing should be deep and come from the belly, you should inhale and exhale slowly. You will begin to have control over your heart rate and the panic attack will simply go away.

Let the catastrophic thoughts goPanic attacks

Usually, a panic attack is triggered by some kind of catastrophic thinking, but this is different for each person. You may think that you are going to make a fool of yourself or that you will not be able to get out of an agglomeration of people … this kind of thoughts will make you feel anxious because your brain will react thinking that it is in danger. Keep reading

You must find what are the triggers and use the internal dialogue to combat them. If it is a memory that is the trigger, you must think that you are not in that situation in reality. If you think that what the attacks cause you are concrete situations like maybe you make a fool of yourself at a certain moment, then it is necessary to be realistic and see the problem in perspective. What is the worst that can happen? When you think about the real consequences of the cases you can put aside all your fear.

Distract your mindPanic attacks

If you feel that a panic attack is approaching, do not focus on the symptoms of panic and anguish, because if you do it, you will only amplify it. A technique to relieve and overcome panic symptoms is to distract yourself and perform another activity different from the one you are in at that particular moment. For example, if you are driving or if you are about to have a medical test in the hospital, you can sing a song that you like.

If you are in a social situation that bothers you, you can eat a candy and focus on it. If you change your focus of attention to a different one, you will notice how your panic attack or anxiety quickly dissipates.

Another way to distract the mind from the focus that can trigger a panic attack may be to wear a rubber band on the wrist. When a catastrophic thought comes to you or you feel anxiety approaching, stretch the rubber and allow it to hit you. When you feel pain your thoughts will be interrupted and you will focus on the pain you feel in your wrist, you will be distracted from the focus and there will be no panic attack.

Perform any activity that requires movementPanic attacks

If you are able to distract your mind so as not to focus on the focus of attention that affects you and that can trigger a panic attack, then in order not to return you must be able to get out of the situation that generates that anxiety, so you can help that the panic attack diminishes quickly. You can go for a walk in a park and the fresh air helps calm you down.

Alternatively, if you can not leave your location you can think of finding something so you can redirect your energy like organizing your desk, storing books, cleaning the dishes, sweeping the floor … anything that is productive and that helps you Energy focused on another point will help calm you down as a positive response to a panic attack.

Has the support of someone you trustPanic attacks

Sometimes, it is necessary to let someone know that you are experiencing a panic attack, with this you can help to dissolve the problem. If when you have a panic attack you are at work you can talk to a trusted partner or someone who also suffers anxiety because they will understand better what is happening to you.

If you experience these episodes of panic or anxiety, it is necessary that you have these 5 techniques present to be able to carry them out and that your panic attacks diminish forever. Remember that having panic attacks or having anxiety is not something you should or should be ashamed of.

But if these tips are not enough for you and you can not face and overcome them, then it will be necessary to go to a therapist to know exactly what the origin is and to find a solution. You should know that a panic attack can be overcome if it is treated and you are willing to face them.

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