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We talk about health and beauty. Stay young and healthy: Sleep, Eat and moisturize.

Health and beauty we want to say, health means beauty and beauty means health. The stress of everyday life, work, all day running from here to there sometimes makes us forget a little of carrying a nutritional balance and also a good sporting activity and even sometimes we do not leave the place for a little leisure time.

For this reason, we advise you to combine leisure and sport, choosing a sport that you like, so you will not see it as an obligation if not as a time of enjoyment. So you do a two for one, exercise for health and beauty and disconnection from routine. Read more: 5 Strange Ways Anxiety Could Affect You

health and beautyWe believe that if we start the house on the foundations we can bring health and beauty in a balanced way. That is, if we start with the correct diet, it will be easier for us to show a healthier and younger face at the same time. To have a good diet eat fruit that contains vitamins, the source of fiber and antioxidants. (see foods rich in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants)

health and beautyWe want to convey to you our philosophy that looking good is feeling good. Therefore treating our skin, both facial and body, in general, is not a whim but rather a necessity.

The skin just like our body needs to be nourished to look bright. How to help the skin look radiant? Leave your skin clean, eliminate the contamination that is exposed on a day to day basis. Therefore we recommend cleaning with specific products for each skin, twice a day. One at the beginning of the day and another at the end of it. In addition to cleaning the skin, it is also necessary to moisturize it.

Give it the importance it deserves at every moment and every physiological need of our body. This means that to be full of energy it is necessary to sleep eight hours a day, so that our skin achieves a cellular oxygenation, making the cells regenerate and translate into an ideal complexion.

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