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Shen Men Piercing for Anxiety and Migraine Relief

Various ways of expressing our feelings, beliefs, ideologies and even tastes have existed for a long time. The art of tattooing and shen men piercing are one of the most relevant for relieving anxiety. Piercing for men 2019 has always been one of the biggest attractions among society. It is said that depending on the location of the piercing has one meaning or another. We leave you now an example for you to reflect that you have probably heard once: why piercing on either of the ears does not have the same meanings?

What is shen men piercing?

The ancient Chinese called this point Shen Men or “The Gate of Heaven” because their treatment brings celestial energy to their bodies. Shen Men is a deep point that strengthens the overall health of your body, reduces stress and increases the flow of energy. When a piercing added in the shen men point, then it is called shen men piercing. You can find it on the market and the Chinese health center.

Massage the Shen Men point in the ear to relieve stress or the Gate of Heaven that is located in the center of the upper third of the ear.

The properties of the Shenmen point

This point on the ear serves the following:
– Assists stress, restlessness, depression and sensitivity
– Calms headaches
– Serene the mind
– Calms anxiety
– Restores normal sleep, if there are sleep disorders

shen men piercing

Does Shen Men piercing help to relieve anxiety?

Yes. It varied from men to men. Who takes drugs and medicine for anxiety, it will not work. But some patients try Shen Men piercing after medication and they get a better result. It is totally up to you. Don’t forget to try whatever condition you have. You will be glad to know that Shen Men is very effective for migraines and severe headaches. So, why you take medication if it works fine, let’s have a try the piercing for a few days.

I hope it will make a good result. People with open minds try another alternative that may be the answer to relieve migraine and anxiety for these sufferings, although it is a new technique in the market because it is simple, cheap and uses pieces of jewelry. It is a perforation in the inner cartilage of the ear (Shen men), which can eliminate the suffering of anxiety and migraines. This is a new procedure that is performed in tattoos and piercing centers.

Tammi Bergman, a neurologist, specializes in headache control and always encourages her patients to try new things to relieve headaches. Tammi says: “I have not heard in neurology about the subject since none of my patients have performed this drilling procedure, but it may be because it is simply too new, but if you start talking on the subject and we know that that’s where it all begins.”

shen men piercing

Besides, medications for migraines and anxiety are not always the only effective response, just as the alternatives are not always the right ones and another factor is that many people oppose taking medication daily. “We still don’t have strong statistics on anti-anxiety medications and migraines that are approved by the FAD, so if some of my patients are open-minded, I encourage him to try,” she says.

How can we know if it works?

Tammi Bergman says that sometimes you have to believe in the relief of migraines, their alternatives and their medications.” Sometimes it is, the relief of anxieties and migraines is psychological, but that’s not bad, it’s a way of thinking.” Sometimes Shen men piercing is good to believe in something to make it work to looking for alternatives to medications.

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