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How to Make Lipstick Stay on Longer? 100% Working

After applying the favorite lipstick, we went out to visit. After a while, half lipstick disappeared! What a problem! There is no lipstick long-lasting in any way. So today, we will show you some simple and effective tricks for having lipstick lasting. Let’s look at simple methods that will make your lipstick lingering.

How to make lipstick stay on longer?

Today I am going to share some secret tips that I applied last month. Please, have a look at how to make lipstick stay on longer.

Choose the right formula

Test your swatch before buying lipstick. Put the lipstick in your hand and allow it to dry a little. Now take the toner and apply lipstick on the edge and dab lightly. See how much the color is fading. You can do this with lotion. That way, you understand whether the lipstick will be durable or not.

choose high quality lipstick

Do not apply lipstick to dry lips

Never apply lipstick on dry cracked lips. If you do, your lips will dry and patchy, and your lipstick will become thick. Before using lipstick on dry cracked lips, moisturize the lips with a lip balm. Then wait for some time to remove the lip balm with the tissue. Then apply lipstick.

Create Layer

Apply lipstick first and let the light-colored hue sit on the lips. Now, apply another layer. Then, press the lips with a tissue and use a little powder. Apply another layer of lipstick.

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Use lip liner

Although lip liner has long been used to outline lips, lately, we are using a slightly different technique to lip liner. Lip liner is now used for filling lips with extra lips. The formulation is much matte and thicker than lipstick, so it does not allow lipstick to spread.

Select the food properly

We usually like to use a waterproof makeup for the day, right? But Dou know the funny thing? What is waterproof, but it will be removed if the oil is soluble? Avoid oily foods at your invitations, meetings or outings.

Exfoliate the lip

Immediately make a lip scrub with one tablespoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of sugar. Now take the mixture on a toothbrush and exfoliate the lips. Dead lips of your lips will go up and lips will be smudged and soft. So the lipstick will sit well too.

These are just a few steps to follow but will make your favorite lipstick last all day.

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