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Tips to relax the muscles before going to bed

Stressful life and hectic days are usually the main cause of muscular tensions that continue overnight and cause disturbances during sleep.

So, rest is not correct and the beginning of the day we increase discomfort because tensions build and our muscles are responsible to prove it.

In order to reconcile a pleasant sleep, adequate rest and prevent muscle aches a physiotherapist gives us some tips to relax the muscles before going to sleep.

Tips to relax the muscles before going to bed

  • Before going to bed we should perform gentle stretching awakenings and arms that can be done sitting or standing. They can also stretch your legs completely.
  • Lie on your back, stretch and stretch back gently. Move and place the body in different positions in order to loosen up the joints.
  • Gently rotate the waist trunk to one side and legs to the opposite side. Repeat to the other side.
  • Accommodate face up and take a few seconds to feel the full weight of the body especially the skull and the muscles of the face.
  • To release accumulated in the face, especially on the forehead and jaw must open your mouth and take a breath deeply while trying to produce a yawn tensions. So relax your jaw is accomplished, the cervical muscles and skull base.
  • Just before bedtime is advisable to diaphragmatic breaths, it ie direct air into the abdominal area and release it slowly.

I invite you to implement these tips are truly relaxing and also generate a pleasant and soothing feeling at the same time.

There is nothing better than rest peacefully and achieve a deep sleep the next day allow us to begin activities as new.

Therefore, in addition to regular physical activity and a diet that favors the night rest, because these exercises are very useful to relax and release tension in order to sleep peacefully. Also you can go for etizolam pellets USA most powerful way to relax the muscles.  To know more click here


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