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What is Brain Training?

Brain training is the act of doing mental exercises to stimulate the brain function and cognitive development. Puzzles, logic games, video games, flash cards and thinking exercises are all a part of the brain training.

If practiced consistently, it is thought to improve memory, increase concentration, reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s disease-related symptoms, improve visual reasoning, slow the mental effects of aging and generally improve your mental capacity.

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According to research using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the people who make daily mental exercises have improved storage capacity. Brain training works under the concept of brain plasticity, the brain is always learning and changing. The scientists used to think the brain networks were set with aging and assumed the elderly could not learn new information.

What is Brain Training

Today, scientists know the opposite to be true; the brain can be modeled and modified, even in the elderly. Human beings have a permanent ability to change neural pathways of the brain as a result of new knowledge and experience. This new knowledge changes the brain and makes possible the formation of the brain.

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There are many products on the market claim to boost brain functioning. Nintendo is a video game for Nintendo DS called “Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day”. This game offers math, logic and reading games designed to be another company’s offer training programs of the brain full “treadmill for the mind” their own set of games.

Alternatively, you can make your own routine. Doing the daily crossword, Sudoku, board games logic or word scrambles. Best practice storage, visualization and reasoning skills. Making connections with new knowledge and putting memories of the past together to create a lively scene. Recall sights smells and sounds of a past event. Take a cue from children and ask “why?” overall environment to practice reasoning and logical skills.

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Lawrence Katz, Ph.D., came up with exercises called “Neurobics.” To practice neuorbics, simply change your daily routine. If you always sit in the same place at the table, sit somewhere else. If you use the same hand to flip a light switch, use your other hand. The key to reaping the benefits of brain training is to practice constantly and regularly.

Do some exercises every day. You also want to be sure to have a good diet and getting plenty of exercises. If the brain does not get the right fuel and nourishment, one cannot expect to learn new tricks.

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