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Baby haircuts : methods for a perfect homemade cut

Cutting a child’s hair is often difficult, especially because sometimes it is not easy to make them sit still for a long time, and we cannot always take them to the hairdresser. So let’s see some tips to cut our children’s hair at home in a simple way.

Cutting a child’s hair is not always a simple operation: it is often difficult to keep them still, especially when they are small. However, when the hair becomes too long, especially for boys, then it must be shortened. However, you will not always find a patient hairdresser willing to work between whims and tears, moreover, this could compromise the final result with badly cut hair. So let’s find out how to cut children’s hair at home in an easy and fun way for the little ones with some small tips.

How to cut a child’s hair the easy way

When our children’s hair grows too large it becomes indomitable, then often there is the need to trim the fringe: therefore it is necessary to cut it to have perfect and tidy hair. Before starting with the cut, make sure the child agrees: if he really doesn’t want to know, or if you don’t feel safe about cutting them, then take him to the hairdresser. Remember then that these indications are for straight cuts and not scaled.

General rules

  • Before seeing how to proceed with the haircut for children, here are the basic rules:
  • before cutting the hair, shampoo the baby, so as to have clean and wet hair;
  • prepare a comfortable chair: in the case of small children, put a DVD of their favorite cartoons to make them rest easy;
  • put yourself in a well-lit place;
  • place a towel on your shoulders;
  • at the end of the cut, remove the hair on the neck and shoulders with a soft brush;
  • dry your hair well.

To avoid cutting your hair too much, once wet, cut one centimeter less, because drying the hair is shorter.

With scissors for long cuts

Scissors are ideal for cutting bangs, to trim them a little but also to cut the long hair of girls: remember to always handle them with care. Let’s see how to do it.

What you need

  • Hairdressing scissors
  • comb
  • a sprinkler with water

How to proceed for the boy

Start by following the general rules: shampoo, a comfortable chair, for children up to 3 years a high chair is better, and a towel on the shoulders;

  • comb your wet hair and start from the back of the head;
  • with the comb take a part of hair from 1 to 2 centimeters and hold it between the two index fingers touching the scalp: make sure the hair is well stretched;
  • then move your fingers according to the length you want to cut and cut just above the part measured with your fingers, keeping the hair straight;
  • continue like this for all the hair proceeding from back to front (if the hair should dry, wet it with a spray);
  • check that the cut is straight and if necessary even out the longer tufts.

How to proceed for the sissyBaby haircuts

If your little girl has long hair, here’s how:

  • comb the wet hair and divide it into two sections starting from the back of the neck;
  • pick up one part with tweezers and further divide the other part with a tail comb starting from behind the ears;
  • with the comb, collect the hair about 2 or 3 centimeters from the nape;
  • take the section of hair between your fingers and make small cuts, depending on the desired length and proceed with the rest of the hair;
  • double-check the cut hair by pulling it downwards between your fingers, so as to correct inaccuracies and make the cut uniform;
  • do the same with the other section of hair.

For the bangs: first comb it upwards and then towards you: keep your hair straight and cut the necessary (one or two centimeters depending on the desired length).

With the machine for short cutsBaby haircuts

The machine is ideal for shorter cuts, a quick method especially for shortening the hair of boys: however, it must be used carefully to avoid injuring the child, therefore calm and time are needed. In this case, the cut is done with dry hair to understand what is the right length to cut.

  • Have the child sit on a chair and place a cape or towel on his shoulders;
  • set the blade according to the cut you want to obtain: shallower for less short cuts, very deep for short cuts;
  • cut in the reverse direction of growth so that the comb of the machine can take them all by cutting evenly;
  • start from the back and climb to the top;
  • then pass to the sides and finally to the center of the head;
  • in the area near the ears, use scissors to prevent the child from getting hurt by moving suddenly.

If you want to leave the crest on the top of the head use the blade at a medium depth on the top of the head.

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