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Safe handling of medication in a hospital or Care Home.

The highly trained Doctors, nurses and support staff that work in a great hospital or Care Home that’s ranked as outstanding by the Care Quality Commission or CQC are amongst the best in the country.  All the dedicated, hardworking staff will have received full training on all aspects of their roles, including Safe handling of medication, possibly by a professional company such as  These elite courses highlight the importance of safe storage, handling and reporting of all medicines.

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Hospitals and Care Homes are strictly regulated and have to abide by many safety rules including the safe handling and storage of any medication.  These rules are in place to ensure the safety of all patients and Residents.  These rules and regulations are incredibly important, and it is essential for the health, safety and well being of everyone that they are fully adhered to.  Having full and specialised training in these regulations and knowing how to handle and administer medication safely is of paramount importance to any staff working in a hospital or Care Home environment.

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All staff who work in these caring professions have a passion for helping people and a heart for ministering to poorly patients.  Medical and mental issues are dealt with on a daily basis and a true empathy and sympathy for any individual they care for is essential.  These internal passions are one aspect of being a great doctor, nurse or carer that can’t be taught.

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