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What do you get for free if you have a disability car?

For the vast majority of us motoring is just a natural part of our lives. The ability to be able to set off on a long trip to a visitor attraction, see relatives that live far away or to just pop down the shops for a few things and maybe a coffee are like second nature to us. Imagine if that wasn’t the case or that you had to rely on other people to take you anywhere. You would start to feel kept and always asking for assistance. This is the situation that many disabled people find themselves in everyday of their lives.

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It’s certainly something that has been taken on board by designers of WAV Vehicles. Creators of such machines, like can provide wheelchair users with the chance of owning their car. There are models that can be driven by disabled people or ones that have built in accesses to the rear of the car making it easy to get in and out of the vehicle.

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The best thing that these cars provide is that the running costs are generally low. When you own a mobility vehicle there is no road tax to pay. Also insurance is charged differently and is not so expensive. Finding a place to park is also extremely easy nowadays and there is generally not a charge to do so. All of these factors contribute to making driving for disabled people a little bit easier.

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