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Why your posture is important in mobility

Our posture can have an impact on our overall mobility as well as our general wellbeing. There are a number of ways that your posture can become compromised and leading a more sedentary lifestyle is one of these. For those people who experience difficulties with their mobility, the use of Mobility Aids like the ones from can not only help them to stay mobile but can also help to improve their posture.

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Our posture is essentially an indication of how our core muscles are working. Those who have a  strong core, tend to have better posture than those who have weakened cores. These muscles can be worked in a number of ways, including general exercise and yoga and pilates in particular. Posture can also be an indication of the health and strength of our spines. In conditions such as osteoporosis, the spine can become affected to the point where a person develops slumped posture as the bones become more affected.

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Other indications of poor posture can include back pain and pain that occurs in the shoulders and neck. This happens as a result of a hunched seating position and spending lots of time working at a computer. You can relieve this by taking time out throughout the day for a gentle stretch.

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