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Summer makeup: 4 tips for a natural and light makeup

In summer, you know, we all want lightness: in nutrition, in the way we dress, and obviously also in makeup. We walk the streets of our cities with 40 ° in the shade, dreaming of the deserted beach of a tropical paradise, and we are impatient with everything, starting with make-up. Yes, because wearing make-up in the summer can be really annoying: partly because with the suffocating heat we tend to tolerate little every type of product applied to the face, partly because the danger of ruining everything due to sweat and humidity is really around the corner. But why give up on a gesture that every day makes us feel more beautiful, confident and, above all, that translates into a moment that we dedicate to ourselves?

Having established that we do not want to give up make-up, even when the mercury column rises dangerously. let’s try to understand together how to wear make-up in the summer, without weighing down the skin.

The watchword for the perfect summer make-up is, in fact, lightness: lighten your routine using only the truly indispensable products, create a more natural make-up making sure that summer make-up is, first of all, pleasant to show off. that beautiful.

Summer is full of wonderful things but opaque foundations, thick eyeliner strokes. And little moisturizing and transpiring lipsticks are not among them, neither to see nor to “wear”.

It will therefore be important to focus on creating light make-up, which reveals our natural beauty, without weighing down the make-up with unnecessary frills.

You will understand that overdoing your makeup in the summer is not recommended, indeed. If you wear a lot of makeup you can slip on a dangerous banana peel. And find yourself with completely ruined makeup.

Unless you want to dive into the wonderful world of bespoke cosmetics. Here are my tips for summer make-up that is long-lasting, natural, light, resistant to sweat and that makes you feel beautiful, from morning until evening.

1st rule of summer makeup: start from the base

Taking care of the skin is very important to ensure that the makeup we will apply is perfect. In the morning, wash your face with warm water and then apply a light, slightly oily moisturizer with a sun protection factor. This step will allow you to let your skin breathe and protect it from sun damage, such as sunburn, redness, and sunspots.

In addition, after having hydrated your face, you can apply a primer suitable for your skin that will give you a mattifying effect and will allow your make-up to last until the evening. Don’t worry that a layer of primer can weigh down your makeup: by choosing the one that suits your skin type, you can use the primer even in summer.

2nd step for a light summer makeup

Set aside the foundations with a covering and very dense texture; those you will use in the fall and winter. For summer makeup you should choose a very light foundation, with a mattifying formulation or, better yet, a mineral foundation that allows you to cover any discoloration without making the skin shiny, giving you a natural powder effect. But pay attention to the shade: you will certainly be more tanned so try to buy one with a darker shade than what you would usually buy. And if you are among the lucky ones not to have particular defects to cover then you could also opt for a BB cream. The best-selling ones for summer 2022 manage to mitigate small imperfections, smoothing and moisturizing the skin, with a very pleasant “light effect”.

But how are BB creams used in summer? Either alone, for a very natural effect (replacing, in fact, the combination moisturizer and foundation) or as a base before the foundation.

My advice: don’t skimp on the powder! It is a precious ally, to be reapplied when needed. Even several times a day, to attenuate the shiny skin effect which, in the heat, tends to become more pronounced.

3rd step: some tips for a perfect summer eye make-up

For summer eye makeup you have two options: either choose matte or satin eyeshadows. Personally, I do not recommend shimmer eyeshadows, being very bright and reflective. Can be a bit excessive when applied to tanned skin.

Generally, you should prefer light shades, such as all shades of beige, pink, green, gold, and orange, to be applied sparingly, in order to create a very light eye make-up. Absolutely avoid dark eyeshadows that are not suitable for the natural and light effect we want to give to our summer makeup.

An important precaution: with excessive heat, there is a risk that the eyeshadow ends up in the folds of the eye. This can be safely avoided by applying a primer.

If you really don’t want to give up eyeliner, it’s time to dare with bright colors that you wouldn’t use at other times of the year. Finally, to achieve the perfect light eye make-up, mascara should never be missing. But you should choose it waterproof in order to prevent any type of stain or smudge and, possibly, also use it at the sea or in the pool.

Summer makeup for blue eyes

Women with blue eyes look great with eye shadows in some shades of orange (peach, salmon, apricot) and in light shades of gray. On the other hand, eye shadows in shades of blue should be avoided. Yes even to a very thin line of eyeliner, even black.

Summer green eyes makeup

The shades of color that look great on girls with green eyes range from purple to lilac, through the plum and light pink. For special evenings you can also choose a wonderful gold (or copper) eyeshadow that will perfectly enhance your eyes.

Summer makeup for brown eyes

Absolutely, all shades of blue and green are the ones that bestow on those with brown eyes. Reminiscent of the sea and the sky. They are truly perfect palettes for making light brown eye makeup. If you want to dare you can try to show off a very original orange, a real novelty of summer 2022 make-up sported by many stars with brown eyes.

4th tip for a perfect make-up for summer 2022: don’t forget to make up your cheeks and lips

Even on cheeks and lips, the watchword of summer 2022 makeup is lightness, in every sense. There are multipurpose solutions that allow you to make up both lips and cheeks with a single product; the advantages are two: you will create a fil rouge to your summer make-up and you can also lighten your clutch.

If you want to make up cheeks and lips in a different way. Then opt for bright colors, such as coral or fuchsia for cheeks and nude colors or transparent lip glosses. The alternative: if you also prefer bright colors on the lips then lighten your eye make-up.

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