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Benefits of yoga: The 10 myths of yoga and its benefits

Benefits of yoga– The yoga is a discipline that is not just about cultivating the body but also the mind. And, in the opinion of many, also the soul. Its origin is located in India as a meditation practice very common in Hinduism and has nine branches / different types with the same goal: unite body and mind. This is the basic theory although, as a result of its growing popularity. There is much more literature than science around yoga and the benefits of yoga. Some think it’s too easy to consider exercise. Others that is much more than that that changes your life. In between, ideas like all yogis. They are vegetarians or hippies or adepts to a kind of sect … But, what is true in all this?

Benefits of yoga is relaxation, not sport

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In yoga classes there are several phases in which relaxation is induced and developed. But much of the time is actively worked. The goal is to control and handle prank or pranayama, a subtle energy that floats in the air and that must be channeled through the breath. Therefore, the first step is to acquire some resistance. And physical stability to then reach a level of concentration that allows us to handle that pranaand develop in three areas. The mind, the physical body and consciousness. Although it sounds mystical. The reality is much simpler and consists of working with concentration every movement. And strengthening the body while we dedicate the mind fully to what we are doing. An unusual luxury in the daily maelstrom.

Also, it depends a lot on where you do it. For example, the Barcelo Illetas Albatros hotel allows the realization of yoga in front of an idyllic private beach while in Es Castell (Menorca). It can be done in the first dawn of USA, thanks to being the most oriental point of the country.

Yoga is a sect

The mysticism that surrounds this discipline usually leads us to think of something spiritual that we may not share or not interested a priori. However, although it is born in the bosom of Hinduism. And in its class’s mantras can be intoned and the meditation promoted. This does not suppose that it is a dogma nor a religion.

Yoga is only for people with back problems

The yoga has benefits but when it was thought he did as if it were a therapy for back pain. Do not forget that it is not a therapy although collaterally. Its practice can have a therapeutic effect.

Yoga for children is not

Children can learn benefits of yoga from a very young age, although obviously it is necessary to adapt it. At the beginning, it will be a more passive practice gradually expanding the postures of yoga. And do not worry that you will not get bored, classes for children are full of energy. And activity as well as being normally very participate.

Yoga is for the elderly

If you are an older person do not expect to make very complicated yoga postures just start as well as know how to make them a young person who is starting in this discipline. The best advice is to start little by little and with the passage of time you will notice how your balance. Flexibility and coordination improve considerably.

You have to be a vegetarian to practice it

Although traditionally yoga follows the Hindu tradition of Memsahib or non-violence that includes vegetarianism. It is not necessary to follow it in order to practice it. As for the practice of any other sport. A balanced and healthy diet will be of great help at the time, not only to practice it but in any other facet of life.

Yoga for beginners, you have to be flexible

The only thing that should have flexible is the mind, at least start. Then, with the passage of time and practice. You will improve your flexibility, of course. But like in any other sport. It is something that is developing. It does not have to come as standard.

Yoga is only for women

While in the West, the practice of yoga or benefits of yoga has traditionally been a women’s thing, in India, its place of origin, was almost exclusively male until the last century. The truth is that more and more men are encouraged to practice it to improve their performance.

I do not have the right clothes for meditation postures

If you have the right desire, all you need is a mat and comfortable clothes. Ideally. It should be elastic and breathable, come on, like practically any sportswear, you are ready for meditation exercises.

Yoga is too slow and boring

There are multiple types, there are some more slow or soft as yin yoga or other faster, complex and dynamic as Ashtanga or Vinyasa Flow. You just have to find the one that best suits what you are looking for.

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