Festivals of Latin America that you must visit to celebrate the Day of the Americas

Every April 14, the American continent celebrates the unity among member countries with the Day of the Americas. A date set to promote the feeling of belonging and an excuse to commemorate the diversity of cultures, languages ​​and regions that make up this great continent. It is also one of the most important festivals in Latin America. Specifically in the countries of Haiti, Guatemala and Honduras is declared as a national holiday.

Must visit to celebrate the Day of the Americas

the Day of the Americas

For this reason, we celebrate the Day of the Americas by recalling some of the best-known popular festivals in Latin America and that deserve a trip at least once in a lifetime. From the Dominican Republic to Mexico, passing through Costa Rica. The traveler can find great festivities in Latin America to complete a trip in which tradition and culture will be key. Celebrating the Day of the Americas is only suitable for travelers who love to live the culture of each destination as a local. And who does not like to live a country “from within”. Do you come to the big continent on this route for some of the most popular parties in Latin America?

One of the parties of Latin America and North America with more pride: the Day of the Americas

The Americas Day is celebrated every April 14th since it was established there in 1931. This landmark April day was stipulated. As the date in which the First International Conference of the District of Columbia, United States, was celebrated in 1890. Thanks to this meeting between countries of the continent. The Union of the American Republics was created. Which was later named the Organization of American States. This organism tries to foment the peace between states and the good coexistence between the same ones. As well as to maintain suitable social policies between its members.

These are parties in Latin America that are lived with pride around the continent and that in particular in countries like Haiti, Honduras. And Guatemala are declared a national holiday. From the schools to the streets are filled with flags of all countries to celebrate this great day of unity.

The Barahona Carnival, one of the most colorful fiestas in the Dominican Republic

Traveling to the Dominican Republic is to travel to a full-fledged vacation. In this country that shares borders with the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic, travelers discover, above all. The idyllic areas of Playa Bavaro in the Punta Cana area or the capital Santo Domingo. But today, on the occasion of the Day of the Americas, touches extend the stay in this Caribbean jewel and enter into one of the most remote areas of the island: “The Deep South” or “The Pearl of the South.” It is in this area where the traveler can find great landscapes of waterfalls, beaches for the most surfer. And   splendid Dominican natural parks . And it is in this area where there is a region with one of the festivities of the Dominican Republic andmost colorful Latin American festivities : Barahona.

The Barahona Carnival is celebrated in mid-April, coinciding this year with the celebration of the Day of the Americas. A perfect opportunity to admire the color and tradition of this lesser known area of ​​the Dominican Republic. In addition, this carnival is not any carnival. And among their parades and parades we find one of the hallmarks of Barahona: Los Pintaos.

If you visit the carnival in this area, a group of locals “dressed” with striking paintings all over their bodies. And bones hanging from their necks will attract attention. The Pintaos, as the sociologist and Dominican folklorist Dagoberto Tejeda called them, represent the so-called maroons, former black slaves who fled to the jungle to avoid being discovered. This term from colonial America is transferred to the Carnival of Barahona as a sign of identity. And respect for the roots of local and Dominican culture .

Fiestas de Mexico that are very worthwhile, Puebla Fair

Following the most renowned festivals in Latin America. From April 12 to May 12, one of the most important traditional celebrations in central Mexico is celebrated. We are talking about the Puebla Fair. An event that is centralized in an area where every day is lived as in a music festival.

The Feria de Puebla is one of the most popular Mexican festivities. During its celebration you can enjoy the cuisine, culture. And especially the leisure of the area and the Mexican culture. And in it the curious visitor can enjoy stalls of typical Mexican food, such as tacos or the well-known mole poblano . An amusement park and even typical craft stalls in Puebla that are perfect as souvenirs . In addition, nationally recognized groups and artists perform every day at the venue.

Thanks to its variety in the cultural and entertainment offerings, the Feria de Puebla has become a place as one of the most traditional festivals in Mexico in the center of the country. Placing Puebla as one of the main tourist attractions of the city. Country. In addition, the Fair of Puebla is the perfect excuse to know the area and the tourist sites: the Mirador de la Mantarraya, the Lake of Concord. Or the Museum of Evolution. The city ​​of Puebla is full of party and for a month is the home of every curious traveler.  We have dedicated this space to you among the most beloved Latin American parties.

The Entrance of the Chamizo, in Ayacucho, Peru: popular Latin American festivities to enjoy at Easter

We could not end this trip for the Latin American festivities without making a stop in what could be called the Latin American capital of Holy Week: Ayacucho in Peru. The Holy Week of Ayacucho is, after the one in Seville, the most important in the world. Both share the processions, although in Ayacucho indigenous traditions are also combined. A Holy Week in Latin America that has been celebrated for more than 150 years. The Christian tradition is so deeply rooted in this Peruvian city. It is known as “the city of churches”.

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