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Biceps exercises to do at home

Biceps exercises-Those who do not have time to go to a gym due to the various daily responsibilities, should know that it is possible to train at home. Among other muscles, we can exercise the biceps. We tell you in the following article what are the biceps exercises to do at home.

Certainly, the biceps are some of the muscles preferred by athletes, mainly for aesthetic reasons. If your goal is to get stronger and toned arms. Besides being able to train without the need to move from your home, you need to know how it is possible to do it. The big difference will be the choice of exercises depending on the material you have.

When you want to work your biceps at home, it is important to include some equipment, such as a pull bar or elastic bands. However, this is not always essential. Although it does increase the difficulty and the level of demand for the sessions.

The best biceps exercises to do at home

The best biceps exercises

Dominated barbell for biceps

For the first of the biceps exercises to do at home that we will describe, you need a pull bar. You should only place yourself in front of the bar and hold it with the palms of your hands towards you. The hands should be located the same width as the shoulders. The body will be suspended, with arms almost stretched.

At this time, you must keep the tension in your arms and shoulders and then raise the whole body up, until the chin goes over the bar. Finally, it descends in a controlled manner to the initial position to end a repetition. You will see how as you improve your fitness level you will increase the number of repetitions!

Modified pushups

Working the biceps is possible without the need to include any type of equipment thanks to one of the simplest exercises that you can include in the routine. It is about performing modified push-ups, to work with special attention on the muscles of your arms.

To begin with, you should put yourself in a flexed position. Support the knees on the floor and cross the feet. Support the weight of your body with both palms at shoulder height.

Next, bend your arms to bend and bring your chin to the floor; at the same time, with the strength of your hands. You must place your body in the initial position.

Biceps flex with water bottles

This exercise focuses mainly on the muscles of the biceps, but also demands the action of the shoulders and abdomen. To begin with, both feet should be level with the hips and have a straight back. Hold the bottles with the palms facing forward and arms extended to the side.

Keep your elbow close to your body while you bend your biceps and lift the object up to your shoulder with a controlled movement. Then, turn your hand outward so that the palm points toward the ceiling when it reaches the top of the path.

Slowly, lower the bottles again until the hand is next to you in the starting position. Complete 8 repetitions with one arm and then change to the other.

Biceps flex to do at home with elastic band

The last of the biceps exercises that we present you are the biceps push-ups with elastic band. As we mentioned in other opportunities. The elastic band is one of the best equipment that you should include in training at home.

To carry out this simple and effective exercise, you must sit on your heels. Next, keep your back straight. And your shoulders relaxed. The elastic band should be under the right knee, and hold it with the right hand.

From there, you must pull the elastic band towards your shoulder, keep the upper part immobile. And make sure to keep the elbow under your shoulder and close to your body. As illustrated on the cover of this article. Finish all the repetitions and move to the other arm.

3 exercises for biceps at home

When starting to train independently it is advisable to have previous knowledge or have the assistance of a trained person. As well as to take into account that you should perform exercises for all areas. And muscles of the body, maintain good hydration and of course maximum motivation .

  • Exercises outdoors or at home
  • Outdoor training

There are various exercises for the biceps because it is one of the most exercised by all. And when you start with these muscles you can progress with time to all the others that make up the arm. And in turn the rest of our body, obtaining great results. The exercises that you can carry out are:


This is one of the most known and common movements, to do it you need a hand scale and if you do not have any you can use full water bottles, food packages such as flour, rice, etc. That is available and that can be manageable.

When executing the exercise, you must stand with your back straight, place your arms stretched out to the sides of your body. Then rise at the same time slowly until you touch the shoulders, without taking off the forearm from the side, doing 3 sets of 15 repetitions each.

Concentrated with dumbbells

Using a chair, sit and place the legs slightly open and lean forward, then with the right hand take the dumbbell. Or the pack and rest the elbow on the leg on the same side. Then the left hand to rest on the opposite leg to make balance

Positioned in this position, the movement starts lowering and slowly raising the weight without taking off the elbow. And taking care that the trunk is fully erect, make 3 sets of 15 repetitions for each of the arms.


You need a chair, which will be placed with the back to the wall to prevent movement, sit on the edge of the chair. And place the palms of your hands, and then stretch your legs or that is slightly bent.

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Once in that position move forward so that your body is suspended in the air and begin to go down without touching the ground. And then climb up with your arms, keeping your back straight, perform 2 sets of 15 repetitions.


For an adequate movement place the palm of the hands at the same distance from the shoulders, legs together and the back completely straight. To lower with all the erect body of slow way so that the biceps work a little more than the other muscles of the arm and go up to normal speed.

If you want to increase the intensity you can perform the exercise by placing your feet on a higher surface than the rest of the body, remaining in an inclined way, doing 2 sets of 12 repetitions each. Or as many as you can without over-demanding.

When carrying out this routine, you must previously carry out a warm-up and stretch as well as at the end. It is also important that the weight that is used must be suitable for you. Allowing you to generate all the repetitions without any type of inconvenience.

It should be noted that between each series a break of one minute must be taken to allow the muscle to pause; the number of repetitions or series should not be exceeded if it is starting. Since it can lead to contractual or serious injuries.

It is vital to have patience to observe the results, remembering that only exercise the same group of muscles 2 or 3 times a week. And feeding and hydration is a fundamental part to stay healthy and achieve the goal set in an appropriate manner.

Finally, the upper limbs are those that most people want to have very well defined. And perform some biceps exercises at home would help to achieve that goal. In case the time to attend a gym is short or for some other reason that stop going frequently.

The area of ​​the arms are preferred for many when exercising and sometimes expect to develop them with a large size. For which it is advisable to take certain precautions when training individually and thus avoid discomfort or serious injuries that may arise.

Remember that any of these biceps exercises to do at home can be carried out by people of all fitness levels. While it is true that some include equipment, we recommend you start with the exercises of body weight. And gradually acquire the other elements to enrich your workouts.

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