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Bowen: What it is and what it cares?

We are so many to suffer from occasional or often back pain, headache, or stomach pain.

Causes can be multiple, often linked to lifestyle, stress, sedentary, missed meals, and hours spent by car.

Disorders that over time become chronic and oblige us to resort to drugs that help us to be better.

If the disorder makes us suffer often, taking drugs very often may not be a useful solution and therefore we need to find alternatives that allow us to resolve the disorder effectively.

A very interesting technique in this regard is the Bowen or Bowen Technique, still quite unknown.

What is Bowen?

The bowen is a holistic technique that consists in delicate fingers pressures, carried out by specialized operators who have a very strong action on our body.

Specifically, the pressures affect muscles and tendons with pauses of a few minutes each, acting on the nervous system, favoring relaxation and rest.

Stimulating lymph drainage and blood circulation the toxins are eliminated and the body activates to find the healing path.

Therefore, the operator provides stimuli to the organism by inducing it to trigger variations leading to a state of equilibrium.

Bowen’s idea is that “our body can communicate the cause of the disorder.”

How the Bowen is born

The creator of this technique is Thomas Ambrose Bowen who has worked as an osteopath, but without performing any kind of medical study.

Enjoying sports, he developed a strong interest in massages and soft tissue manipulation.

He had the ability to evaluate a patient looking at him in the waiting room without speaking to him and without touching him.

He asked the permissions to open his first study, but they were denied because he did not have a physiotherapist license. So Tom Bowen called himself an osteopath for correspondence with his healing method.

In the early 1970’s, laws changed and osteopaths had to apply for a license.

Failing to get the license was called a “Manual Therapist”.

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Bowen: How the session takes place

The session can last from 15 minutes to one hour and after three treatments you can experience the first benefits.

After performing a person’s analysis: posture, alignment of the body axis, eye color and skin quality, positioning the jaw, begins the first treatment that is the same for everyone and aims at balancing the whole system.

During treatment, most patients relax completely and feel heat, or shiver.

Between manipulation and the other, the stimulated body will find the way to its natural energy flow and its state of balance.

What does the Bowen care?

  • Scoliosis, sciatica;
  • Allergy, asthma, rhinitis;
  • Tunnel carpale and tennis elbow;
  • Menstrual irregularities, hormonal, aches, conception, menopause;
  • sinusitis,
  • Infant baby pussy;
  • Gastroesophageal reflux;
  • Headaches;
  • Otalgia;
  • States of anxiety and stress.

Who can do Bowen?

Practically everyone

Sporty, elderly, weak or sick people, pregnant women, babies.

Being a gentle method we can all benefit from different times and in respect of the ability to react at that particular moment.

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