The Ultimate Guide to Post Cycle Steroids Therapy

Steroids are often considered a quick solution when you are looking for gains in terms of muscle mass, energy and size. Yes, it is true that you get bigger and stronger with steroids, but what happens when you end that cycle? Obviously, you want to maintain the gains that have occurred, but this can only happen if you have planned a proper post cycle steroids therapy. This is a process that involves nutrition, specific compounds and even pharmaceutical drugs for re-regulating the hormone levels in the body, controlling the levels of estrogen and get you back to normal after a cycle of steroids. If such a therapy is not planned ahead of time, you may have to deal with side effects like high blood pressure, gyno and loss of all gains made.

Hence, having an effective post cycle steroids therapy can make all the difference in the world. There are several elements that make up this process and the good news is that you can buy post cycle steroids therapy online without any difficulty. But, first you have to know what is involved in this process. There are a couple of things that make up an effective therapy and they are:

  • A SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator)

When you take a SERM, your body will be able to control the effects of estrogen in the body. It will also give your testosterone levels a boost and you will be able to maintain the gains you have made through the steroids. While most SERMs are pharmaceutical grade, you can also use an over the counter product, particularly when a mild steroid has been taken.

  • An Aromatose Inhibitor (AI)

The second piece of the puzzle that is the post cycle steroids therapy is an Aromatose Inhibitor or AI. In simple terms, the Aromatose enzyme is used by these inhibitors for blocking the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. In a number of cases, these inhibitors are used during the cycle, but should also be used at the end as they are quite helpful in decreasing and eventually eliminating estrogen levels. While you are on the cycle, these AIs can come in handy for increasing your gains and maintaining balanced and normal hormone levels. As the conversion of estrogen is halted at the source, you don’t suffer from bloating and end up increasing gains.

  • PCT supplements and on cycle support

Using SERMs and AIs is not enough for completing the process of post cycle steroids therapy. A variety of other products are required for controlling blood pressure, keeping organs healthy, maintaining testosterone production and keeping cholesterol levels in check in a more natural way. These PCT supplements can include testosterone boosters, pharmaceutical and other herbal or natural supplements.

Apart from this therapy, changes also have to be made to your diet, training and the weight gained because it can have an impact on your health as a whole. If an appropriate post cycle steroids therapy is not used, it can lead to numerous problems such as depression, acne etc.

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