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The 2 basic rules for staying healthy

Try to get the best from you every day. Try it all so you do not have to fight anymore with your health problems and sometimes you pay for the consequences. Especially when you’re “on the fruit” and you no longer know where to bang your head. Sometimes you go further and ignore common sense and instinct.

Yes, you understand … the instinct, the natural impulse that keeps us alive, that brings the living to make certain gestures, useful to survival. And do you know what our first instinct of survival is? Eat! A natural movement that every newborn possesses without anyone taught it.

This instinct that is present within us is what would enable us to understand what is good and what does not. But as long as we are small and unconscious, we are unable to listen to it and, growing, we end up ignoring it.

Time then passes and here the reality around us tells us about the delicious world of french fries, cakes, sodas …

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Do you really know the food you ingest?

Are we really aware of what we ingest on a daily basis? Every time we eat something packaged, refined or not organic, we do nothing but load the body of toxic substances that are harmful to our bodies. But now we can not do any better, because this “food” is practical and, above all, “good” and so we continue to take it without thinking of the consequences.

We have become so dependent that we do not even want to consider the thought of eliminating it from our lives. I know why I’m gone too. The reaction then what is it?

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“I do not see, I do not hear, I do not talk”

Unfortunately, the answer is to pretend nothing. It is to continue the same way by denying the evidence. And so maybe we mingle with medicines to relieve gastric reflux or regularize the intestines (as they say in the commercials at supper time …) in order not to give up some “foods” or more simply simple habits. Commanding is no longer instinct but the “desire”. Did you ever make a case? Sometimes you eat without even having the instinct of hunger.

Instead, we should find that instinct and understand how our body reacts when we ingest something. Cramps, belly swelling, constipation, diarrhea, headache, joint pain, sleep disturbances … are almost always linked to the foods we eat and how they are assimilated by our body. It is just starting to eat healthy and listening again to our instincts that will increase the chances of a healthy life full of physical and mental energy, even in old age.

Proust said, “Instinct called duty and intelligence provides the pretexts to evade it.” Then my advice and less intelligence and more instinct. Listen to more and try to love you better. I did it and I got the best of my illness.

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By summing up the 2 rules to be healthy are …

  1. Eat healthy
  2. Listen to our primordial instinct

Do you agree? Do you really know what you eat? Is your food your nourishment? If you have health problems, awareness and knowledge are two great allies. Changing your eating habits and going back to following your instinct can make a difference.

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