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Tips for Lose Weight Fast

Any help is good to lose a few centimeters and shape the figure. Introduce good habits in your day-to-day life and apply one of these body creams at least once a day. You will notice the difference!

If among your New Year’s resolutions is to regain your healthy weight and lose a few pounds, you should know that the important thing is not to focus on the number on the scale. You must concentrate on incorporating good habits, which will allow you to find yourself better with yourself and will bear fruit little by little. Many times the key is not so much in the kilos as in shaping your body and losing volume. Do not obsess and lose weight without starving. If you start to eat properly, practice some exercise and apply the best body creams for you. If you are constant, it will not take long to get results.

How to lose weight fast?

It will be useless for you to make an extraordinary effort for a few days if then you go back to doing the same as always. So it is very difficult to reach the goal. If you want to lose a few centimeters you must be constant. In this way, you will not only achieve results, but you will also be able to maintain them over time. That is the key.

And what should you do?

Eat a healthy and balanced diet

If you don’t want to spend your life like a yo-yo, you have to start eating healthy. The Harvard plate guideline (half a plate of vegetables, a quarter of protein, and the remaining quarter of carbohydrates) is a good alternative, according to nutritionists. You can also opt for one of the modalities of intermittent fasting. It is about adopting it as a lifestyle. So, even if you indulge in a little indulgence from time to time, it won’t cost you too much to stay at your healthy weight.

Drink more water

Hydration is essential for the proper functioning of the body. It will help you eliminate toxins, and prevent fluid retention, which will have a positive effect on your skin, your physical form, and your general well-being. If you find it difficult to reach the liter and a half or two liters per day recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization), these tricks to drink more water without realizing it will make it easier for you.

Get some exercise

Move on! Do something every day. It is not necessary that you prepare to run a marathon, but that you move your joints a little every day. Go for a walk, do a short routine from our collaborator Patry Jordan, take up yoga… There are plenty of alternatives that can help you stay in good physical shape. It is not only a question of weight but also of health.

Apply body creams

Cosmetics are also a great ally in reducing a few centimeters and shaping your figure. Lose weight by applying some of the best body creams on the market. Very important: if you want to notice their effects you must be constant and apply them correctly. It is no use applying it one day and not repeating the procedure until a few weeks have passed.

How to apply body cream

Both reducing creams, molding creams, or anti-cellulite creams are more effective if the correct application method is used. Pay attention to how you should perform the procedure:

Exfoliate once a week

You should not only remove impurities from your face, but also from your body. Perform a deep exfoliation once a week or every 15 days. It’s as easy as leaving your body scrub in the shower and scheduling this time. Weekends can be a good time to renew your skin.

Apply the cream with circular movements

Use your body cream once or twice a day (morning and/or night) and do it with circular and ascending movements to activate circulation and enhance its effect. After a shower, sauna or exercise, circulation increases, favoring its penetration and optimizing results.

Toning massage

Spend a minute pressing the area to be treated or gently pinching it. He ends up giving you a brief massage.

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