5 simple changes to restore order to your day and to your life

It is said that every single day is nothing but our miniature existence. Virtues and defects that occur in everyday life spread throughout our entire life. The irritations and weaknesses we do not overcome remain there pursuing us like ghosts.

It’s a banal concept, yet it seems to escape most of us. Or rather, while acknowledging its validity, we can not transform our everyday life for this reason.

change order of your life
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Let’s avoid, avoid, try to escape and seek immediate and continuous consolations in food, mobile phones, video games, or even alcohol, smoking or drugs. From time to time, then, by some sense of guilt, we try to give us great goals, but once again it escapes that tedious everyday executions make the real difference.

Evolution and non-revolution should be the key to every change.

Where do you go from? Are there specific areas that work as promoters of this evolutionary process?

Years of experience in helping people change their lives and take better care of me lead me to identify at least 5 key steps that can be used as levers to initiate a path of personal improvement …

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1. Get up early in the morning

For many years, personally I wake up from years very early and I found in this practice a lot of strength and much satisfaction. You can face it gradually by anticipating the alarm of about ten minutes each week and in parallel going to bed a bit earlier. Early in the morning is a great time to enter meditation or physical training, you can write or just plan better the day.

2. Train hunger

Knowing how to live with a little hunger is not just a way to eat a little less (as we’re hyper-fed), but also to learn to handle the drives and desires in general. From hunger control we can learn to control anger, a feeling that easily leads us to lose control over our daily reality. No need to fast, just learn to tolerate a little bit of stimulation and not to confuse other hunger.

3. Do not be late

Controlling your time is a practical measure of your ability to control your life. If you’re always late, if you’re always in trouble, your control skills are poor and probably will also be the quality of your life and your sense of satisfaction. The first step to not be late is widening your time, eliminating unnecessary things, not giving room to those who suck you precious minutes.

4. Plan things that apparently count less

Very often, if we want to change the dynamics of our lives, we end up with leaving its unchanged organization. If you have never done physical exercise because you think you do not have time, what makes you think that at some point you will find it if you do not decide to eliminate something else? We have to accustom ourselves to planning precisely what we have not planned right now. We start setting up weekly workouts and blocking the time. We try to enter the daily meditation as it was an appointment with someone.

5. Write instead of talking

Everything in our lives today happens too fast. We need to slow down and refine our reflective abilities. Feelings like fear and anger often lead to behaviors that are not optimal and make relationships with others more difficult and less fulfilling. Then try to write, to vent and lock in these diaries a diary instead of downloading them to others.

Every single day is an opportunity to give us the best of us. Why miss this opportunity? Why postpone and become the theorists of improvement when we can be living examples instead?

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