10 things that should always be in a women’s handbag in the summer

A women’s handbag is a special object by which you can learn the psychology of its owner. That’s what psychologists say. It can be anything: a hammer for beating meat and pliers (!), Potatoes and cat food, a rope and disposable shoe covers … If you found out yourself, stop!

What should be in the women’s handbag? In your handbag, especially in the summer, should be exclusively practical things.

Girls – they are such girls! Strong and independent. And the horse at the gallop, and the burning house – what will you do, this is our reality. Therefore, we suggest that you urgently make a general cleaning in your purse so that its contents remain exclusively feminine and necessary.

Beautician in summer women’s handbag

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The gold standard of every women’s handbag. We already wrote about what it is worth to carry with them in the cosmetic bag. Try only to choose such means that will not suffer from heat and do not melt – for example, lipstick should be replaced with glitter in the tube, shadows – only dry, powder – with the effect of arthroscopic, firm lip balm and so on. Read more: 3 Ways TO GET YOUR HAIR BACK

Napkins – cosmetic and hygienic

women's handbag in the summer

The first is exclusively for the face. Such napkins are impregnated with a non-alcoholic composition that removes excess fat and dirt, without drying the skin. They are quite expensive, but you can be completely sure that your face will be in order. Choose, for example, napkins Professional Shine Eraser from the elf brand or lint-free cotton from Lady victory. Read more: 5 tips on how to become the best wife for your husband

Also, throw in a women’s handbag a couple of packages of usual sanitary napkins – in the heat they perfectly disinfect the skin of hands and in general will be irreplaceable in any situation.

 Hand sanitizer

Despite the napkins, the bottle with a liquid disinfectant in the summer should be in your purse all the time. It does not take places at all, it costs a penny, and the profit from it is enormous when there is nowhere to wash your hands.

 Moisturizing cream

Do not take a large jar with you, which you use in the morning. Choose disposable packages that weigh a couple of grams, do not take up space and are made of therm-material – the cream in such packaging is not 100% “welded”, ensuring you freshness.

Thermal water (moisturizing spray)

I love this tool. With dry skin – just a godsend. Balloon with thermal water Vichy SPA many seasons in succession beats all records of popularity. Excellent copes with its functions and spray Thermal Spring Water from La Roche-Po say. For a long time, you will have a can of Triage Eu Thermal from Carriage or Eu Thermal Water from Avenue – you will use these water for about a month. Thermal sprays allow you to maintain the optimal hydro balance in the skin in a megalopolis – they have a neutral pH, providing a moisturizing and aseptic effect.

You do not have to worry about make-up – the jet of spray is so fine that the drops are microscopic. And if you choose a fixing spray for MAC makeup from the brand Fix +, you get the effect of 2 in 1: and moisturize the skin, and tone secure. But in any case, do not leave your face moist and gently pat it after 5-10 seconds after spraying – droplets of water, no matter how imperceptible they are, still work like lenses.


Sunscreen in summer is a must. You never know where to bring you in the afternoon – and it does not have to be a beach. “Urban” sun is not less aggressive than the beach, therefore, being a long time under the open rays, protect the skin with a special cream.

Cream or gel based on the pantheon

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You thought we were calling on you to put a first-aid kit in your bag? Darling, all – only to help you avoid trouble. Often in the summer, you can see girls with white skin and red burned shoulders.

Particularly relevant is a remedy with pantheon if you go out with a child. Pantheon will soften and protect the tender skin of the baby from a burn and soothe the inflammation if the sun does get to it.

A shaving machine

A very specific and delicate subject – a razor! But, as you understand yourself, sometimes very useful, if you have not yet completely given up with the vegetation on the body.

Condom and Co

According to the findings of all women’s magazines and forums, this subject should be the subject of a permanent disposition in any women’s handbag, regardless of the status of its owner, the time of year, age, and so on. Particularly relevant contraceptive number 1, if you are young, in love and 24 hours a day, burning with lust, like your young man. Do not rely on him – the memory of a man in a state of love fever is even shorter than that of women, so never rely on maybe, or on him, wearing condoms in your purse. And even more so in the summer, when the desire just hovers in the air.


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No, but what about this? A hot evening after work can be done much more original than at a table in a cafe. I sometimes call on the beach before work – swim at 7 am invigorates much stronger cups of coffee! Places swimsuit takes very little, a towel, of course, more, but agree, it’s better to let it be a towel than a potato. What do you say?!

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