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Partner birth: 7 highlights

Nowadays partner birth has become very popular, and even about ten years ago this was alien to many and incomprehensible. Now, this is the number one topic for discussion with future parents.

What should a husband do in partner birth? Opinions on this subject are many, I hope, after reading this article, each couple decides for themselves whether they need partner births or not.

Is it necessary or better that everything should pass without a partner, traditionally, as before: the father nervously smokes under the windows, and my mother gives birth in the company in the company of strangers, let the qualified doctors, but still strangers?

What is partner birth?

the  partner birth

Affiliate births are childbirth, in which, in addition to the mother and the nurses, there is an assistant – most often a husband. But if a woman wants it, it can be another person – mother, sister, girlfriend and even grandmother. Why not, if my grandmother gave birth and raised ten children at one time and is now very healthy? Read more: How to keep healthy – treat varicose veins

The task of an assistant on partner birth

What is partner birth?

Assistant at childbirth should in every possible way help the woman in labor: calm, massage, hold hands, help to breathe properly. Read more: Which saint to pray to find a good husband, Secrets of beauty and health of a woman

Assistant at childbirth should in every possible way help the woman in labor: calm, massage, hold hands, help to breathe properly.

Its very presence should give the woman peace of mind because labor is a very difficult physiological and psychological process. It is proved by an example of a huge number of couples that in the presence of a close person all the moments of birth proceed more easily.

How to prepare for partner births

We need to prepare for joint births. Not every man can cope with this – yes, a strong half of humanity is much sharper and more emotional than a weak one, responds to moans, cries, blood and other not very intuitive moments of the process of birth.

This is for us, women, at first glance everything is simple and clear!

It is advisable for a married couple to resemble courses that tell about the stages of childbirth, what to do on each of them. There, everyone will explain and show the film about partner births – this is necessary so that for the spouse at the crucial hour X all this does not become unexpected.

You can also watch such videos on the Internet, and it’s not at all superfluous to read books, magazines and online materials on this topic.

But my advice: it is better to see once, it will help to feel the situation as close and real as possible! After viewing the man more reliably for himself will be able to understand whether he will master this process.

By the way, one nuance. Do not force your husband if he absolutely does not want to be present at birth. Many doctors are not very happy partnering with her husband, when unprepared psychologically hypochondriac by his behavior can, instead of helping to worsen the process of childbirth, aggravating the already difficult state of the wife.

Partner (husband, mother, sister, friend, etc.) should undergo a fluorography and pass tests – which ones, you need to ask the doctor. Most often require sowing on staphylococcus and blood tests.

Also, it is worth talking to a doctor who will take delivery, because the wife and doctor will be one team, and it is very important that there is an understanding between all.

It is necessary to immediately decide whether the husband will be present until the end of labor or only during the first period. This is a pretty good option when a man frightens the final stage, but when the fights begin, he does not mind being present.

The first period of partner birth

idea of partner birth

This period lasts on average 8-12 hours. The partner’s task is to calm the mother in childbirth, watch for breathing, and massage. It is in this period that it is important to calm the anxiety of women. Also, you can try different positions together to reduce pain. After all, you need to save all the forces for the second period.

The second period of partner births

The second period of childbirth is when the birth of the child begins in the delivery room. Here, too, you need to decide whether the husband will stand next to his wife and hold her hand or he will be present during vaginal examinations. It is recommended nevertheless to be near to the wife – its main task – to support, to cheer.

It is proved that with good support from the husband the birth is much better and painless.

It is proved that with good support from the husband the birth is much better and painless. A woman feels more confident, she has less fear of an unfamiliar stressful situation, especially if she gives birth for the first time. A man must forget about his worries, pull himself together and become a support and protection for his wife. If desired, he can also cut the umbilical cord. It’s such an exciting moment!

The third period of partner births

best partner birth

In the third period, the latter is born, and there is nothing for the father to do, at this time it is best for him to be with a newborn, divorced from his mother, in the postpartum ward – this is of tremendous importance for the child.

The pope can talk with the neonatologist, keep his child in his arms, give him his warmth and tactile contact until the mother is brought from the family. During this time, the doctor will examine the birth canal of a woman, extract the latter, assess her state of health.

Important Nuances

With partner births it is important to remember:

  • During all periods of labor, the partner should not interfere with medical personnel. Do not need to distract, demand to do something – many impressionable dads often sin. Doctors need to give to do their job because in the interests of giving birth to a pair do not hurt either the baby or the mother.
  • The popes who visited the birth will never forget this moment. They have great respect for their wife, seeing how difficult it has been. They are overwhelmed with a sense of pride in themselves, the joy of the appearance of their baby.
  • Remember, dear moms, the decision on partner birth takes two. With the mutual and voluntary agreement between the two, everything will go smoothly and with ease.

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