How to stop being afraid to better live alone in our department?

Better live– There is nothing better than the joy of living alone in our  new apartment. Do you want to prepare an appetizer in the early morning? No problem, you will not wake up.Or bother anyone. You do not have to turn the remote control because it’s only yours. You can have the pet you want, invite people to your house whenever you want and sing all your favorite songs. But once the novelty disappears, living alone can be a little exasperating. What would happen if there is an emergency and we do not have anyone nearby to help us?

Whether you have an overflowing imagination or just want to be prepared in case of crisis.

Evaluate the security of your department

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To begin with, move away from you all your fears about living alone. If your fear lies in the fact that someone can enter your home, then you have to take some security measures. Start by checking the locks on all doors and windows. Then, be sure to put new batteries in your smoke detector and test it to see if it works. Everything must be in good working order. If it is not, it is necessary that you perform the respective maintenance. What kind of precautions should you have for your safety? we will show you the two most basic.

The doors and windows:  In previous articles we have mentioned this point. Keeping doors and windows always closed is a basic safety advice. Believe in this habit even when you are at home. Remember, criminals always look for the easiest opportunity to enter a place to steal.

When answering the door: when someone knocks on the door of your apartment, do not open it wide open in the first instance. Especially when you do not wait for people outside. Always use the “magic eye” of the door.

Establish friendship ties with your better live neighbors

better live alone in our department

Be a good neighbor to the people who better live in the building. If possible, be friends with one of them. In this way they can support each other. Also, if there is an emergency in your department, they may be able to help you or at least try to get a little help much faster compared to those who do not know you. Among other things, having a neighbor as a friend also benefits you for simple things like when you need a little sugar or candles if you cut the light at night.

Care to who you open the door

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Do they knock on the door? We already mentioned it previously, even if at that moment you are waiting for visits, always check for the “magic eye” of the door or ask “who is it?” Before opening it. One of the benefits of living in an apartment is that most buildings have a reception, and the manager always passes the word to the owners about a visit before letting it go up to the department as a security method. Therefore, always make sure to emphasize this function to the person in charge.

If you are prone to becoming paranoid at night, then living alone will make you imagine a series of strange things. Each gust of wind will look like a ghost and each hit during the night will be a thief. To avoid not being able to sleep at night. We recommend you listen to relaxing music or the one you like the most. Do a bit of deep breathing and avoid watching any movie that suggests you. In this way, little by little you will get used to spending the nights alone and you will stop feeling afraid.

Have an emergency briefcase on hand

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In every home there should always be a first aid kit and an emergency briefcase, but for people who better live alone this is much more important. Because it will make them feel a little more secure, since in it they will have all the essential elements within reach. Much more so if we better  live in a seismic country, so this last advice is addressed to everyone in general. But what basic things should there be in this emergency case? You will know it below:

First aid kit:  Basic in all places and a very important element in an emergency case. Inside a first aid kit there should always be alcohol, cotton, bandages, hydrogen peroxide, thermometer, and medicines, in case you are allergic to something or require a particular medication. We can get kits already equipped in supermarkets. But it is always better that one equips you with the things you need most.

Water Bottles:  Before any emergency, the first thing that is lacking is water. In order to have a supply of clean water to drink, cook or clean. It is advisable to have bottled water in our briefcase. With one or two gallons or a  six pack  of bottles you can stay hydrated. If you have pets, make sure you have water in your bag for them too.

Batteries and flashlight: This may sound obvious, but having batteries and a flashlight during a natural disaster can keep you, literally and figuratively, away from the darkness. As it is one of the things that you will basically need at first, keep them within reach in the emergency case.

Non-perishable food:  Many of the foods we have in the refrigerator will not survive a natural disaster. Or emergency due to the power cut. For this reason. It is important to include non-perishable foods in our emergency briefcase, such as granola bars, whole grains and canned goods. Make sure you have enough food for 72 hours and do not forget to have a can opener.

Following these tips you will feel more secure and little by little you will lose the fear of living alone. Take advantage of this new stage of your life and enjoy the fact of having a place just for you.

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