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Caring for the skin after 60 years

After 60 years the aging process leaves its mark on the skin in the form of wrinkles and sagging, but if you take care of it daily. It will remain healthy and look good despite the passage of time.

If there is something in which all the people agree is that we do not like the signs that the passage of time leaves in our organism. Especially in the skin. Since antiquity we have been constantly searching for the source of eternal youth. But as you know, we have not yet found the miraculous remedy to avoid the aging process. But if there is an infallible key, you have the age you have, to mitigate the footprint of the years in your body, is to take care of your skin daily. And pamper it so that it is always healthy.

No one can stop the passage of time and its effects on the skin after 60 years. But there are a series of guidelines that will help you to be healthier and look much better. The first is to keep the skin clean. For this we recommend that you wash your face well in the morning and at night although, instead of the usual soap. It is recommended that you use one specific for your skin type. Or one enriched with natural products such as coconut oil or cocoa.

As part of cleaning the skin after 60 years we cannot forget the exfoliation, which is one of the essential guidelines that you must follow to make your skin healthy. You can use one of the many exfoliates that are sold in any specialized store. Or make a homemade one based on natural products such as. For example, lemon juice with sugar, or olive oil mixed with almond pieces. To apply, gently massage your body and face with it for about five minutes, and then rinse it with plenty of warm water. If your skin is normal, it is enough to perform this process once a week. In the case of sensitive and dry skin, so as not to punish them, it must be done once every two weeks.

The next step is undoubtedly hydration. It resorts to the numerous cosmetic products specific to your age and type of skin that exist in the market, or to the usual moisturizers. The important thing is that you follow this habit every day. After having cleansed or exfoliated the skin. Applying the cream on the face, neck and the rest of the body, and emphasizing those areas that you notice drier or that are reddened. But remember that hydration is not limited to creams. And that it is also important to moisturize the skin from the inside. So you do not have to limit yourself to water. But you can complement your hydration with fruit juices or vegetable creams. As well as with natural compounds such as beer yeast or evening primrose oil.

In addition to these three steps there are many other keys that will help your skin not dry and be more smooth, hydrated. And soft, such as not smoking, reduce hours of sun exposure and, of course, take care of your diet.

The skin and the aging process

after 60 years

The appearance of wrinkles and the flaccidity of the skin are, without doubt, the most obvious signs of skin aging. But to understand why they occur the first thing is to know the composition of our skin and how it affects the age.

The skin is another organ of our body, whose function is to defend ourselves from the different external agents that attack us negatively. And which is also the largest organ we have, since its surface is up to almost two square meters. When we talk about the skin we usually associate it with its outermost layer, the epidermis. But in addition to this there are two more: the dermis and the hydrophobic film or hypodermics. In the composition of all of them, as in the rest of our organs, different types of cells and tissues are present.

When we are young, it is usual for our skin to have a flexible and turgid appearance. This is largely due to the fact that the fibers that compose it have a great capacity to retain water. Capacity that they lose over time. As a result, the skin loses hydration, stops being smooth. And the furrows of expression begin to be marked, becoming wrinkles.

Five recommendations to care for the skin after 60 years

skin after 60 years

It is inevitable to stop the effects of years on the skin in both a woman and a man. According to Kathryn Perez, dermatologist of the Continental Clinic, from the age of 60 years, wrinkles and spots are observed as part of the aging process in the skin.

In this sense, the specialist recommends taking certain care to maintain a healthy and radiant skin after 60 years:

  • Clean the face daily. With the help of soap that goes according to the type of skin and that is recommended by a dermatologist.
  • Exfoliate the skin. In order to discard dead cells. Exfoliates can be found in specialized stores, but you can use aloe as a natural product. It is ideal to perform this process through gentle massage and once or twice a week.
  • Hydrate the skin. With creams according to age and skin type. It is a post-cleaning and exfoliation treatment, and it is ideal to do it every day. Hydration is not only achieved with creams, it also includes the consumption of water and fruits.
  • Calcium consumption is important. From this age because its absence produces dehydration of the skin. This mineral is found in milk, cheese, fish, seafood, sunflower seeds, legumes and green leafy vegetables.
  • Use sunscreen in areas that are exposed to the sun. This recommendation is for people of all ages to avoid skin cancer.

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