Domestic violence– Empower, support, help, no matter the synonym you want to use, my motive for life has always been to encourage women to better themselves, to seek the best for their lives. Thank God we live in a time of many social changes. However, something that is still present is gender violence.

Women are not the weak, that is a statement rather than a mistake . We are just as capable as men. Every day we advance a little more, we have shown that we can. However, we continue to ask for what belongs to us by right.

The fact that many of us still go through situations of  violence teaches us that there is still a lot to do. Many are the cases that have come to light. What do they cause me? Pain, indignation, but above all, worry. Is that the world we want to leave to our children? Nothing further than that.


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Domestic violence affects women all over the world, of all cultures and religions without differentiating. It is a problem that crosses all imaginable lines . No reason to be.

Most worrisome of the issue is the fact that the victims often think it makes sense , that they did something wrong for that to happen. They keep thinking that there is love in the couple.

Nobody who is capable of hitting you, a touch, raising a hand, or a finger, or just an insult, does it out of love. That is why it is so important to learn to differentiate it from obsession or even the habit of simply being with that person.


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There is always a way out of that situation. If you feel threatened, do not expose yourself to the aggressor. Complaint . Call as soon as you have the opportunity to the police and ask for help.

It can be difficult, but it is the best way to say “I do not allow you to follow” . You send a clear message and also, you protect yourself. There are countless organizations dedicated to protecting, treating and caring for women who suffered gender violence.

Normally, these problems do not occur from one day to the next, it is a damage that begins to grow gradually until one day it reaches its limit . Avoid acting immediately at the first warning because, sometimes, the hope is saved that the man will change.


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Refuge yourself in another place, look for company while help arrives. You do not have to go through this by yourself. The world is in the sights of these acts against the integrity of women. Surely close to you there is an attentive community that will support you to return to your normal life.

When leaving home, take personal items that you or your children may need in case of emergency . Cash, some clothes, keys, medicines of each one, important documents such as social security numbers, IDs, passports and cards.

In Miami and throughout the state of Florida there are institutions dedicated exclusively to the protection and care of victims of domestic violence . Together with the authorities, they will examine you, take pictures, seek refuge if necessary, provide psychological help, and guide you through the legal and judicial process.


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As a mother of a boy and a girl, it is my responsibility to teach them how to treat a woman , to respect everyone equally and that love does well, never harms. They must learn to behave in situations of violence of any kind. To give their place and recognize when it is preferable to retire to avoid conflicts.

The education of our sons and daughters is the only thing that will ensure the end of these situations. The values ​​and behaviors that we instill in them and above all that they see as children of us as parents are the ones that will copy as great people in society as good people.

The family is the nucleus of society. More and more generations are close to gender equality. Around that we must teach the younger ones that nobody is better or worse, we are all equally important in the eyes of God.

That is our role, there is our responsibility as parents. May our children be the change of the world and society . Domestic violence must be repudiated on either side. If you are a victim, do not stop asking for help. We are all with you.

Finally, we talk about domestic violence when a person tries to control and exercise power over their partner in the context of a relationship. Different types of abuse can occur: physical, emotional, sexual or financial. In most cases, the abusers are males and the victims, women. Any woman, in any type of home, can be affected by domestic violence. There are a number of warning signs that could indicate that your relationship is abusive. Physical abuse is possibly the most recognizable form of abuse. It can cause physical damage, and in some cases, put life at stake. It does not always leave scars or other visible traces. If they pull your hair, or throw an egg in your face, you are being mistreated. Do not underestimate what is happening to you. With the passage of time, many times things get worse.

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