Ideas for an unforgettable romantic getaway

Any time is good to enjoy  a romantic getaway in a unique and memorable couple . What do you think now? Maybe a weekend getaway ? It is an ideal plan to surprise your partner, celebrate a special date for you or, simply, give you a deserved whim from time to time.

Regardless of whether you are going to make your romantic vacation alone or well accompanied, there are some ingredients that can not be missed. Do you wonder what they are? Illusion, creativity, magic, passion and complicity . Let’s see some ideas to get all the juice and get a romantic weekend for two that taste.

A couple is a good option to get to know interesting places or to make a type of tourism that includes living some unique, unforgettable and even original experiences. The wide tourist offer focused on traveling as a couple allows you to choose among the many possibilities, from rural tourism in great houses located in ideal places to an excellent five-star hotel in any of the capitals in the world. The Valentine ‘s Day holiday is a good opportunity to make a unforgettable romantic getaway, but you do not necessarily have to wait for the most romantic date of the year to enjoy a trip as a couple and live an unforgettable and unique experience in one of the destinations more ideal to travel and meet with that person you love so much.

7 tips to live an unforgettable romantic getaway

Choose the idyllic setting to enjoy your privacy and the best plans together

unforgettable romantic getaway

Although the essential is good company, so that your romantic getaway is unforgettable, it is important to live it on the stage where you feel the real protagonists. For example, in a privileged and relaxing enclave surrounded by nature, you can focus on each other … look into each other’s eyes, listen carefully and enjoy peace, intimacy and total escape together. You will be seduced by silence and simply, feel closer.

Make sure you do not expect it

a romantic getaway

The surprise effect usually gives good results for lovers or for a weekend plan as a couple . Therefore, organizing a romantic getaway that is not expected is something you will love and will never forget. Remember that it is essential to inform your partner about the exact date … and make sure you do not make any plans and do not suspect anything at all.

Surprise your partner with a special gift

an unforgettable romantic getaway

In addition, to give an even more romantic touch to your getaway you can imagine moments … It is evident that in good company the wonderful thing is that they flow, but, what if also the powers? For example, you can prepare a surprise box and take it secretly to your destination. In it you can mix photos together; letters that you have exchanged. So that the flavor of your mouth that is left to you is not, “any time past was better”, it includes paper in white and pencil, that symbolize the history that you have left to write.

Do not forget a romantic dinner

best romantic getaway

A delicious romantic dinner under the dim candlelight will be an experience for two that you will never forget and that will make a difference during your holidays as a couple. Is not it a dream come true?

Give a relaxing touch to your romantic getaway

To disconnect from the busy day to day and be able to focus on each other, a relaxing massage will help you. The best to relax, eliminate stress, relieve body tension and increase physical and mental well-being . What would you love to be surrounded by these sensations with your partner?

Feel special while enjoying a breakfast in bed

top romantic getaway

Every little detail counts during your romantic getaway , and a breakfast in bed was not going to be less. Imagine starting the day lying on the bed, while enjoying an insurmountable company and savoring an exquisite breakfast. With a varied breakfast in bed you can start a new day of your romantic vacation in a very special way.

Choose a romantic hotel where you can disconnect

the romantic getaway

Keep in mind that in romantic getaways three are crowds  and choosing hotels without children  is a big step towards escape as a couple . In addition there are so many idyllic plans for romantic getaways as couples and moments. That is why it is so important to find the right place, where you can customize each idea to your liking.

If you are looking to plan a getaway for you and your partner, VOODOO puts at your disposal a truly magical place , with exclusive services and an environment where you can really disconnect.

Architecturally, the hotel is located in nature, offering a symbiosis with everything that surrounds us that will make you feel that you are in a magical place, where you set the pace.

Imagine being able to enjoy watching sunrise, sunset and spectacular star nights with your partner in our hotel with Jacuzzi. We are also known for being a hotel for adults only .

One of the ideals that characterizes our hotel for couples, is respect and devotion to nature , proposing it as a means of evasion to the visitor and using it as a point of union between well-being and your most beloved person.

For this reason, a getaway with that special person -united to our ecological commitment- , will enrich even more a stay in our adults-only hotels, since at the same time that you enjoy a cozy and romantic vacation, you will know with all certainty that our presence will not be harmful to the environment and will help preserve it.

This natural environment stands out for the reservoir of Guadalupe and its landscapes where biodiversity abounds and will surprise you every day of your stay. You will find yourself in a place where, among trees, water and pure air you will enjoy a break for two unbeatable.

The best environment where you can enjoy a few days of tranquility, relaxation and disconnection from day to day with your partner . Discover our best offers and do not miss this opportunity.

And in our independent suites and separated from each other, you will find the privacy you are looking for.

Our concept of a charming hotel is designed to adapt to the specific needs of each couple . In the pool suite, in addition to the usual amenities of the category of our hotel, you can enjoy an outdoor Jacuzzi, where you can immerse yourself to receive a relaxing bubble massage under the stars.

If after enjoying this relax you want some activity, the most adventurous can do any of the hiking trails , accompanied by biologists in the area, or even mountain bike down the most beautiful and impressive routes in the area. You can make circuits around the reservoir of Guadalupe, Guadalupe Valley and Sierra DE Astana, or “Road” routes with different routes, among which are:

And if what you are looking for is something quieter, you can access the yoga, mindfulness and rein sessions without leaving the hotel.

Think about this: the silence of nature, the person you love most in the world, and facilities that you have never seen before .

Everything in our hotel is designed so that your getaway is perfect, and you just have to worry about resting and enjoying the days you spend with us.

Finally, the routine of day to day, and the monotony are often one of the great enemies that threaten many couples with falling into boredom. Nothing better than boosting the relationship with a unique and unforgettable romantic getaway that rekindles the flame again. Special romantic unforgettable getaways in the middle of nature, in a romantic city, in the mountains or even in an amusement park. The important thing is to let the imagination fly and turn a small trip into a memory for a lifetime.



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