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How to eliminate mosquitoes from the bathroom

Finding any insect in the house is quite unpleasant. Even more so because the presence of these animals refers to dirt and a lack of care with cleaning. This isn’t just about cockroaches and ants, bathroom mosquitoes also tend to irritate anyone, after all, the bathroom is where we do our hygiene.

Normally, these bathroom “mosquitoes” live near drains and other environments that may have more direct contact with plumbing and sewage. Basically, the reason is that they feed on the organic matter that remains in these places, such as dead skin cells, hair strands, or natural fat.

What’s worse is that the more the bathroom gets wet or dirty, bathroom mosquitoes tend to proliferate. The worst season is usually summer, as we use the bathroom more at that time and the weather is more humid.

So, to help you with the mission of how eliminating mosquitoes from the bathroom, we have listed a series of essential tips to follow. Try to follow them strictly by reading the article below!

Follow these 8 tips to eliminate bathroom mosquitoes

1. First point of understanding

As we stated above, mosquitoes love drains and places with high humidity. This fact makes drains, shower stalls, tile grouts, and toilets, among other places, perfect for their reproduction and proliferation. So, first of all, the best strategy to follow is to pay extra attention to cleaning these places.

2. Disinfectant for cleaning

The disinfectant will be your ally in how to get rid of mosquitoes in the bathroom. To do this, have a cleaning routine in the bathroom and try to use the right products. For the hygiene of walls and floors (which are normally made of tiles) choose a good disinfectant.

That way, you’ll get rid of dirt and other types of fat, dead cells, hair, and hair, which usually come out in the shower. Try to keep the environment as dry as possible and, if possible, try to have a floor cloth to dry the bathroom very often.

3. Perfect Combination of Baking Soda and Vinegar

Easy to find in any pantry, baking soda and vinegar are excellent for eliminating bathroom mosquitoes. This mixture also helps to prevent bad odors and to disinfect bathroom pipes. To make this recipe, you will need:

  • One tablespoon of baking soda;
  • A cup of white vinegar tea;
  • About 500 ml to a liter of hot water.

Cleaning mode:

  • First, throw a tablespoon of baking soda directly into the indicated places (drains, grout, toilet, among others);
  • Then put a cup of white vinegar and wait for like 5 minutes.
  • While you wait, know that the two products will form a foam, eliminating dirt, bacteria and even skin debris (everything that attracts mosquitoes).
  • To finish, throw hot water and ready!
  • If you notice the mosquitoes coming back a day or two later, try to do this cleaning every night. Another option is to just put the bicarbonate and leave this ingredient acting for a few hours. Be sure that you will be able to eliminate and avoid the reproduction of these animals.

4. Use sanitary water in drains and vases frequently

Another option is to resort to more abrasive products to keep insects away. Bleach is a great alternative to be used to clean the bathroom. Ideally, you throw the cleaning product into the toilet and into the drains. Don’t forget to use it in combination with a sanitary brush to scrub whatever it takes.

5. Leave the toilet lid and drains closed whenever possible

An important item for cleaning maintenance and not having mosquitoes proliferate is to leave the toilet lid always down (a great option to avoid other types of insects). Also, don’t forget to leave the drains closed when possible. That way, mosquitoes won’t be able to get in to lay their eggs.

6. Essential oil and baking soda

Having more natural cleaning options is always a healthy alternative for you and your family. So, after the last shower of the day, you should:

  • First, make a solution with a tablespoon of baking soda plus a tablespoon of natural eucalyptus essence;
  • Put this mixture inside the drains to prevent bad smells;
  • That’s it: mosquitoes eliminated!

7. Orange Candle

Did you know that citrus fruits are great for scaring insects? To do this, you must:

  • Cut an orange in half, remove its segments and melt a candle wax inside its peel;
  • Add a wick to that orange candle;
  • That’s it: pets away from your bathroom!
  • This is a homemade orange candle recipe, but you can also find these types of products ready for sale in specialized places.

8. Diffuser, incense, or a citronella candle

Super efficient to scare away mosquitoes and other types of insects, citronella helps to make the environment more fragrant as if you had just cleaned it. You can use candles, incense, and citronella diffusers and light them once a day.

9. Clove and alcohol

Other ingredients that are easy to find in the kitchen, cloves, and alcohol are great options that together help fight mosquitoes. For this, you will need:

  • 100 ml of alcohol;
  • 100 mg of cloves;
  • A sprayer.

Method of preparation:

  • Make a mixture with 100 ml of alcohol plus 100 g of cloves;
  • After joining them, let the solution rest for three or four days. Only in this way, will you get the carnation to release its properties;
  • Finally, just spray your bathroom with this recipe;
  • You also put a diffuser in the bathroom.

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