5 best ideas for a romantic date!

Have you always dreamed of having an unforgettable Valentine’s day for your soulmate? Then you will surely like this article. Flight in a hot air balloon or can be a romantic cruise that you choose? Dreamlines presents 5 ways to surprise your soul mate on the romantic date.

Romantic date on the balloonromantic date

Flight in a hot air balloon is an unforgettable adventure. Just imagine how the basket smoothly floats among the clouds, and from it are opened unique views of the emerald forests, rainbow valleys, and incredible sunsets. To make the flight even more romantic, order a ball in the form of a heart. Such a magic date will definitely impress your soul mate and will remain in your memory forever. Read more: The best advice for your beauty

Romantic dinner at the beachromantic date

If on Valentine’s Day you are in a warm country, then there is no better way to spend a romantic evening than on the beach under the starry sky. This appointment is ideal for offering hands and hearts or celebrating the anniversary of relations. Take a blanket, a bottle of champagne and fruits and enjoy a beautiful view of the sunset. The most beautiful and romantic beaches, according to experts Dreamliner, are in Seychelles (Anse Lazio beach), Santorini (Red Beach), Bora Bora (Matira beach). Read more: 3 WAYS TO GET YOUR HAIR BACK

Cruise trip

Cruise travel alone is full of romance and magic. Start your day with breakfast in bed, relax on a soft chaise lounge or go for a massage in the spa area, and in the evening, wrapped in a blanket, watch movies in the open air. To surprise your soul mate, order a dinner with lobsters and champagne in the lounge area on the open deck. According to Dreamlines experts, the most romantic date can be arranged on cruises on Princess Cruises liners   – the experts share. It’s hard to imagine a more romantic date than a candle-lit dinner on the open deck.

Dinner on the roof of a skyscraperromantic date

No date at the restaurant can be compared to a dinner on the roof. The romantic atmosphere, the starry sky, the lights of the metropolis around will make this evening unforgettable. The magic end of such a date will be the sunset, which will definitely hit your soul mate in the heart.

Spa for two

This kind of dating is ideal if you want to relax and relax with your soul and body together with your loved one. Relaxing music, a bath with rose petals, invigorating massage and tea ceremonies will immerse you in a unique atmosphere and turn an ordinary date into an unforgettable pastime. You can make such a date not only in your hometown but also in any of the resorts and even on a cruise

About Dreamlinesromantic date

The company Dreamlines, Europe’s largest cruise online portal, was founded in 2012. Today, Dreamlines unites more than 350 employees and operates in Russia, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Brazil, and Australia, headquartered in Hamburg and additional offices in Nice, Amsterdam, Moscow, São Paulo and Gold Coast. Dreamlines provides a choice of more than 30,000 products, from mini cruises to transatlantic and cruises around the world. Customers can book their cruise vacation online or by phone using one of Dreamlines’ 150 cruise experts.

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