Steps to design a life plan

Design a life plan to lower your personal and professional aspirations to the ground with daily actions that allow you to reach them.

  • A life plan can be the best way to achieve your goals and plan what you need to get there.
  • Learn to design a plan to achieve it, taking into account each step necessary in its creation.
  • It will be as important to learn from your mistakes, to celebrate the achievements and to increase the motivation you need to continue to strive.

Organizing your life facilitates the realization of your aspirations on a personal and professional level.  Because it involves establishing concrete actions to achieve an abstract dream.

Why make a life plan?

design a life plan

It forms a general summary of the current state of your life and the projection you make to ensure you meet your highest aspirations. Writing it helps you visualize which path to take in each area of ​​interest to you, such as emotional ties. Your job, your academic education, your economy, your health or whatever you want to add.

You can solve it in an Excel spreadsheet with the Personal Balanced Scorecard  technique. And although at first it is difficult for you to organize yourself, you will be able to automate the practice.

You will review it every so often. Because the idea is to guide you and not saturate yourself with unrealistic goals that you will not be able to fulfill. On the other hand, it is fundamental to understand that the main thing is to enjoy the path to avoid frustrations. When an unexpected event changes the direction of your plans. It requires a good dose of patience to put together a realistic, flexible, measurable and adjustable table.

What do you need to put together a life plan?

best life plan

Understand that it is a process

All your goals will not be met next week, not even in the next year. It will depend fundamentally on the terms that you manage. But a life plan usually covers large periods that establish your most important goals. The final points do not exist in this case, but  the ideas are taking shape with the events that happen .

The plan is a guide that will change over time and will align with your experiences at all times.

 Know yourself

You should take some time to think about your strengths and weaknesses , as well as your personal and professional aspirations. Write down the concept you have about yourself to know  how to start planning according to your greatest needs or expectations.

Think about what objective you are pursuing in each end that you marked as fundamental in your life. If it really makes you happy and how you will achieve it.

Be curious

the life plan

Curiosity is  the best tool of action because it keeps the brain alert.  Intriguing about the discovery it is about to make and the possibilities that it entails.

We are born with a capacity of amazement that we lose over the years. Which is negative when it comes to the point of naturalizing every situation we live because we detract from it. Without curiosity, we are not able to set interesting goals.


It is essential to know where you are going to decide what concrete measures will take you there. Explore your mind to establish where you see yourself in a year, in five, in ten, in twenty. Or in the period of time you choose.

A good exercise is to start for extended periods and go closer to your current state to determine short-term goals.

Break down objectives

If your goal for the next five years is to obtain a graduate degree, think about the small actions that will allow you. Such as improving your level of English, having a couple of years of work experience or saving enough money to pay for it.

From these concrete objectives, further refine them until obtaining actions that you can implement now. So that you will get annual, monthly and daily goals that will be easy to follow.

Analyze the obstacles

discover life plan

Examine the problems that arise when you establish a specific objective, it will help you to frame your actions to think of an alternative that allows you to avoid them or, failing that, to cross them in the best way possible.

The plans never go as stipulated because there are always inconveniences , so it is important to prepare thinking what are the possible stones that you can trip over.

Integrate evaluations

The only way to know if you are on the right track is to integrate assessments into the life plan, which will help you to change course when an action is not yielding the expected results or is having positive consequences even if they are unforeseen.

You can modify the intensity of a measure if the established deadline approaches and you do not notice large changes.

It is important that in addition to paying attention to what is not going well, celebrate your achievements to push you to continue achieving goals and especially, enjoying the process.

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