Online Free Doctor Consultation Now in the U.K.?

The rapid growth of technology over the last few days has changed various aspects of our lives. The same can also be said about some things in the healthcare sector. Using technology as a common point, people can interact with doctors and specialist without having to visit a hospital.

The idea of getting free consultations and the advice of a specialist by logging in a portal which is free of cost appeals to almost everyone. The fact that an online doctor can also make a prescription which can be used in physical pharmacies also makes this online free doctor consultation even more alluring.

Is Online Doctor Consultation Legal in the U.K.?

The services of an online doctor are without a doubt a very convenient way to get medical advice, treatment, and prescription. But, is it legal to have an online doctor consultation in the U.K.?

It is legal for you to have a consultation with an online doctor in the United Kingdom. Before you have a free online consultation, check if the agency is based in the U.K. If it is found in the U.K. they have to be on the General Medical Council register to operate.

How Does Online Doctor Consultation Work?

An online free doctor consultancy works just as face-to-face consultations would. The primary objective of any consultation is to answer the questions of a person based on health-related problems, injuries, provide information about the condition, and prescribe treatments.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Online Doctor Consultation

Always An online doctor would always verify that you are who you say you are. He would also ask questions about your conditions to which you should answer truthfully. To get the best from your online doctor consultation, you should try the following tips.

  • Provide Relevant Information About the Condition: it is entirely reasonable to leave some things out when you visit a doctor. But some information is particularly important for your doctor to prescribe the best treatment.

When you hold an online consultation with a doctor, along with listing the symptoms of the condition, let your doctor know if you have tried any medication before, the onset and how long the issue has lasted would also be of help to the doctor.

  • Medical History: relevant information about your medical history is also essential. Let your online doctor know if you have any allergies, surgeries in the past, and any medications that you are on.
  • Use the Best Conditions: if you are having a video consultation, it is vital that the conditions are ideal for the doctor to see you properly. Avoid sitting behind your primary light source or under a bright overhead light to avoid glare and shadows. Position your camera at eye level, and keep the frame at an angle to include your entire face and your shoulders.

Where Can I Get Online Free Doctor Consultation in the U.K.?

There are many online pharmacies where you can order migraine medication in the U.K., but appropriate regulatory agencies register not all. The following online pharmacies are registered and meet the requirements for online pharmacies in the United Kingdom.


Pharmica is a registered online pharmacy operating in the U.K. Pharmica offers treatment for different medical conditions. When you visit Pharmica, you would be required to select a treatment, after which you can proceed to chat with an online doctor for free or call a pharmacy using the phone lines available.

The online doctor would advise you based on your condition and prescribe drugs or treatments for you. With the prescription, you would be able to buy medications from the online drug store. You would need to be registered to enjoy the free online consultancy of the pharmacy.


Pharmacy2U has been an active online pharmacy operating in the U.K. since 1999. Just as Pharmica works, you would need to select a treatment than proceed to provide online doctors with relevant information about yourself and your health. The pharmacy would send you an email with the response of the doctor.

Prescription Doctor

Prescription Doctor is another excellent online pharmacy where you would find treatment for various conditions U.K. This pharmacy is registered and has healthcare professionals who are around to handle your requests and prescribe medications for multiple conditions. The procedure at Prescription Doctor is quite similar to other online pharmacies discussed above.

Benefits of Online Doctor Consultation

The internet provides solutions to almost all our everyday need. We can get food, clothes, books, information, and even drugs on the internet. Online doctor consultancy may not be the most established sector in the industry at the moment, but it does have its benefits.

No Restriction on Location

Online consultancy takes away the need of being physically present while the doctor carries out his diagnosis. This means that you can have a professional health practitioner carry out checkups on you from your house, office, or even in your car.

Registered online pharmacies and consultancy agencies grants you access to a variety of trained and experienced medical professionals; all of which you can reach from the comfort of your home. The prescription you get from an online consultancy is just as relevant as one given to you at the end of a face to face meeting with a doctor.

Relatively Cheaper than a Physical Consultancy

When placed side by side physical consultancy, online consultancy is the cheaper option. Online pharmacies offer a free online medical questionnaire which patients can fill and get a variety of medicines online.

If you are looking to add insurance, a face to face meeting with a doctor can cost you between £70 and £100, sometimes more. That is quite a lot compared to the £25 to £50 online doctors charge for a consultancy (without insurance).

Easy Prescription

Getting a prescription from an online doctor is relatively easier than getting it from a physical consultation. After your online meeting, the GP forwards your prescription to the nearest pharmacy to you where you can move easily go and pick up your order. Better still, some online pharmacies offer home delivery services.

There are, however, some restrictions on the prescription of some drugs. Most online doctors would not prescribe medications that require an in-person examination or medicines that have the potential of being abused. Narcotics, stimulants, sedatives, and medical marijuana are some drugs difficult to get online.

Depending on where you live, state regulations may prohibit remote prescriptions. Most online doctors will not prescribe medication that requires an in-person examination, which includes Viagra and other lifestyle medications.

Improving on Self-Diagnoses

Trying to avoid the hassle involved in reaching a doctor for a fact to face consultancy often lead many people to self-diagnosis. As we all know by now, self-diagnosis usually goes wrong, with more people taking medications that would worsen their conditions rather than improve it.

Instead of looking up the symptoms you are showing on the internet and trying to decipher which possible sickness it is, you can consult an online doctor at no cost. An online doctor from a reputable online agency is a professional just like the ones you would find at a hospital or pharmacy. This means that they would prescribe accurate treatment for your problems.

Comfort and Convenience

This is one of the primary reasons for the growth of this healthcare sector. The fact that you can log in at almost any time of the day (some online pharmacies are open 24/7) makes it more desirable than a physical examination.

You also do not need to be physically present to have an examination. An online consultancy removes the need for you to travel far distances, you can speak to a doctor from your sitting room. Most online pharmacies can also send your prescriptions to a pharmacy close to you.

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