Natural remedies to stop biting nails

Stop biting your nails is something that many people cannot get, we offer some remedies and tips that can help you get it.

Tips and natural remedies to stop biting nails

What to do to stop biting your nails? Possibly these tips can help end this problem:

  • The most important thing is to realize or see to that specific situations the person can not avoid nail biting: once localized situation (nerves, stress, exhaustion, etc.) have to get the person to change that mental association (nerves = a biting nails) and try to momentarily enter another association (nibble fruit, a sprig of some medicinal plant, deep breathing, tapping his fingers on the table, etc.) while it is important to look nails and “tell” that you do not think mistreat quiet since they “are not to blame for your nerves.” We must avoid the automatic nail biting.
  • Insist much on positive reinforcement: punishment of parents or teachers (when it comes to children) tend to have very little effect and more like as we had talked about people with problems of self – esteem or feelings of guilt, nervousness, etc. It is very important congratulate each time the nails have grown a bit. You can play catch your fingers in your mouth, breathe deeply a few seconds and pull back the fingers of his mouth without having eaten nails. See that we are able to auto control gives us great satisfaction and make us feel that we decide we want and we do not want in our lives.

Stop biting nails
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Nutrition or adequate food

A key aspect is to avoid, where possible, coffee, tea and all the exciting (colas and alcohol) as they tend to generate more anxiety and nervousness. Avoid spending more than five hours without eating so that we do not lower too much glucose or sugar in the blood and thereby decrease our resistance to stress. It is essential that our diet is as varied as possible (fruit, vegetables, legumes, pasta, vegetable or animal proteins, etc.)

The remineralize food (algae, yeast, sprouts, nettles, pollen, royal jelly, etc.) also help stop biting nails because some authors may indicate a low level of minerals (the person to be nail biting looking for, unconsciously, a contribution of minerals)

Herbal or medicinal plants to stop biting nails

  • To calm the urge to bite your nails: many people who live or work in the field has a habit of bringing often a sprig of some plant or medicinal herb (thyme, rosemary, lavender or others who know and who know harmless. care hypertensive with licorice as the pressure rises) the fact go nibbling something usually helps lower our level of anxiety and always helps people to stop biting your nails and … to smoke less or quit.
  • To relieve anxiety: in this case the treatment will consist of taking two or three times a day some relaxing infusion. In the herbalist or pharmacy plants we advise that suit us more as our case (valerian, passionflower, orange blossom, Melissa, Tila, Manzanilla, etc.)

Natural therapies

  • Homeopathy: the homeopath will try to find the homeopathic remedy that balances the whole person.
  • Yoga or relaxation techniques: something as simple (and as necessary) as controlling our breathing will help us reduce our level of stress and anxiety. When we are able to become aware of how is our body and mind begin to regain control of our impulses. Many people have begun to stop nail biting learning to relax and breathe deeply when they are stressed, anxious or worried.
  • Bach flowers: the therapist after chatting with the patient determine which emotions are hidden behind the act of biting nails (fear, anger, anxiety, etc.) and will be recommending flower essences or most appropriate Bach flowers.

Other tips to stop biting nails

When we have determined the emotional causes of the problem we will find ways to relax and especially to release stress. The practice of physical exercise or a hobby (hobby) are usually of great help. It not so much concerned but that relax us and we pass well.

Paint or any kind of hobby related art is also often helpful because it helps us to release our emotions (reflect our subconscious) distracts us and increases our self-esteem because it gives us a lot of satisfaction to see that we can create something beautiful.


It is very important that when we see that someone cannot stop biting nails understand that this is only a symptom that something happens. To seek the actual cause and possible solutions. Only then the person, almost inadvertently, will begin to stop nail biting.

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