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Tips for removing dark spots on the skin

The dark spots on the skin appear benign disorders of melanin due to multiple causes and, once installed, are difficult to remove.

Causes of appearance of dark spots on the skin

They are characterized by a benign alteration of melanoma and are located throughout the body, but especially on the face, hands or exposed outdoor areas.

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Apart from the features freckles own people very white skin and red or blond hair, usually appear past thirty for several reasons:

  • The action of the sun is the principal. Therefore, you must take adequate protection if you have a genetic tendency to develop and live in warm or high radiation areas.
  • Hormonal factors are also involved, sometimes, boosted by excessive sunbathing.
  • Needless to say there is a genetic factor and more recurrent in people with very light skin.
  • Some drugs stimulate their appearance.
  • Certain viruses and bacteria can leave stains, although infection has been controlled or illness.
  • Serious nutritional deficiencies of minerals such as zinc or vitamins such as C or B can leave this type of injury.
  • Diseases like lupus or some types of psoriasis can leave stains.
  • Increase with age to occupy much of the visible areas.

Brown spots on the skin that appear from these causes have nothing to do with the darker or almost black birth that sometimes disappear as the child grows moles.

Types of skin spots

The dark spots on the skin benign (not talking about cancer) are called melasma or melanodermias. These darker pigmentations are of different types:

  • Moles of genetic origin.
  • Similar are the freckles on blondes or redheads.
  • Lentigos leaving by solar action, but in people predisposed to it.
  • Poikiloderma of Civatte, whose appearance is similar to allergic rashes or lesions entity by external agents. Require proper medical treatment.
  • With keratosis spots with a rough touch, and elevated above the normal level of the epidermis.

How to remove dark spots on the skin

Once the brand has appeared is quite difficult to remove and most cases requires a medical and cosmetic treatment adapted to each case. As a general rule you should:

  • Sun protection creams and specific protections.
  • Having many miracles careful with products that promise dramatic results in a short time. Just they do not work or may be a health hazard.
  • Most cosmetic creams that are available in the specific market for the problem clear dark spots on the face, but it is quite difficult for the eliminated altogether.
  • Chemical peels that perform cosmetic clinics may have adverse and unwanted side effects. In addition, you should do the treatment in winter and scrupulous hygiene and take care with the sun.
  • More aggressive treatments, such as laser, leaving an injury that then disappears first. Be careful that this wound that produces the beam not infected or incorrectly evolve. Of course, you’ll need to qualified and honest hands, since such interventions are expensive.

And, as always, the best cure is protection: we must mitigate the agents that cause stains to not appear.

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