Which saint to pray to find a good husband, Secrets of beauty and health of a woman

Each girl at a certain moment in her life comes time to decide on the narrowed, create a family and have kids. After all, this is the main goal of our life. But not everyone can find a worthy person, able to satisfy all desires, needs, and ambitions, and just become a good husband.

In this case, some girls begin to meet with different people in search of the second half, while others become isolated in themselves and simply wait, relying on the will of the case, hoping for the indulgence of fate.

a good husband

However, people close to the faith know that we ourselves can influence our destiny and realize the plan in the shortest possible time if we turn to God. From time immemorial people believed in higher powers and prayed to achieve plans and dreams. Prayer has the greatest power when appealing to God and, with the right approach and fulfillment, is able to convey to God your requests. The destiny of man depends on His will, but He is merciful. Read more: How to strengthen the nervous system – a few practical tips

Therefore, sincere prayer will help you solve your worries and change your destiny for the better. The right way to communicate to God their requests and experiences is considered an appeal to the Saints. So, for example, thanks to a prayer for the Saints, a person asks to convey to God his request and desires. And through the Holy, this request is delivered directly to God.

find a good husband

In the case of the need to find a good husband companion of life, it is important to know to which Saints need to pray. Also, a real prayer is performed in a certain way. While performing a prayer you can not mutter and read without thinking, you need absolute calmness and tranquility.

It is important to concentrate completely on prayer, understand its meaning and fully reveal ourselves to God, not to mention the fact that one should try not to commit sins and sincerely forgive other people. To be a pure soul man. Read more: Romantic dinner on the roof

Today, with your gracious eye, sinful, in sorrows, sickness and sinful temptations, Now you have mercy on us, desperate, heal our ailments, from God, by our sins, by our sins, deliver us from many troubles and circumstances, pray to our Lord Jesus Christ forgive us all our sins, iniquities and sins, from our youth, even to the present day and hour by sin, and through your prayers receiving grace and great mercy, we glorify in the Trinity the One God, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and ever and ever.

find the good husband

O blessed mother Matrons, hear and receive us now, sinners, praying to you, who has learned in all your life to come and listen to all those who suffer and grieve, with faith and hope for your intercession and the help of those who come running, fast relief and miraculous healing to all those who submit; so that now your mercy is not enough for us, unworthy, restless in this multiset world, and now finding comfort and compassion in the sorrows of the soul and help in the bodily diseases: heal our sickness, save us from the temptations and torment of the devil, who is passionately at war, to help bring our worldly Cross, take down all the burdens of life and do not lose in it the image of God, the Orthodox faith until the end of our days, hope and hope for God, strong imitations and unfeigned love for our neighbors; help us, on our departure from this life, to attain the Kingdom of Heaven with all those who pleased God,

Oh, the All-holy Nicholas, the most admirable of the Lord, our warm intercessor, and everywhere in sorrows a speedy helper!

find the good husband

The pleasures, sinful and dull in the present life, prayed to the Lord God to grant me the remission of all my sins that have been sinned from my youth in all my life, indeed, in a word, by thought, and by all my senses; and at the end of my soul, help me, the wretched, pray to the Lord God, all the creatures of the Seder, to save me from airy ordeals and eternal torment: I always glorify the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and your merciful introduction, now and forever and forever and ever.

Oh, Saint Catherine, Devi, and martyr, the true Christ’s bride! We pray, as a special grace, as before Your Bridegroom, the Sweetest Jesus, who took it: As though you disgraced the delights of the tormentor with your wisdom, you conquered fifty victories and having poured them out with heavenly doctrine to the light of the true faith you guided, so ask us also this God’s wisdom, and we, all the intrigues of the adskago tormentor are dissolved, the world and flesh are tempted to despise, we are worthy of the Divine glory, and with the expansion of our holy Orthodox faith, the vascular descendants will be made, and with you in the heavenly tabernacle of the Lord and our Lord Jesus Christ with O We praise and glorify the Holy Spirit and glory to all the ages of ages.

Oh, holy to the Great Martyr Catherine, the chosen purity of the vessel, the pillar of Orthodoxy, trustworthy our representative, who revealed to us the guilty plea, the ascetic legitimate, holy on holy sorrow,

Let us pray: from above, in the voice of our prayer, look at the distress of your servants, enlighten the defilement of our minds, create us a wise wisdom, not earthly.

Hasten to us in your prayers your carnal desires, attachments to the world and the machinations of evil spirits, who are angrily at war with us: yes, by your representation in the days of this life we will be free from hostile attacks and at the end of the air of their tortures.

Oh, wise Devi! Grant us all, to the use of the petition: you can ask many questions from the beloved Bridegroom, the Christ our God.

We ‘be, as the prayer of the righteous can be many, followed by the prosperity of the mercy of God, to Him glory, honor, and thanksgiving are always, now and ever and forever and ever.

After reading these prayers with a calm soul, and asking the Saints to convey to God your secret dreams, you will be heard. And you can hope for the gracious will of the Highest.

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