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How to keep healthy – treat varicose veins

How to keep healthy – We will treat varicose veins. Varicose veins – a disease in which the veins are stretched, lose their elasticity, are not controlled by the current through them, if the treatment is not started on time, it can lead to complications – thrombolytic, thrombolytic, thrombosis.

Of course, only the phlebotomist physician can correct the diagnosis and prescribe the treatment. In the treatment of the disease, both operative and conservative methods are used. However, a significant cosmetic effect is achieved only through surgery.

treat varicose veins

The technique of assisted phlebosclerosis is. A technique is used exclusively on small veins, on the surface located, not used as a surgical ability for other forms of the disease. The methods use conservative for the development of the disease of deceleration. They are also aimed at combating complications. Read more: Which saint to pray to find a good husband, Secrets of beauty and health of a woman

Relate to them: keeping feet hygiene, wearing knitted compression, receiving venotonics and their use is local. In the rehabilitation and treatment of varicose veins, the following methods are used. Laser therapy. How to maintain health – low-energy laser radiation allows you to significantly reduce the duration of treatment, gives its highest effectiveness and action has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema on the body.

treat varicose veins

It improves microcirculation in tissues, accelerates the recovery processes, increases the process of oxygen uptake by tissues, reduces the contnetterol in the blood. Pressotherapy. It is based on the action of air, compressed on the lymphatic system. Restores the balance of water, removes harmful substances from the body. Heaviness removes in the legs, tones the walls of blood vessels, improves blood circulation venous. Read more: Contributing Factors of Anorexia

the varicose veins

How to keep healthy – drug therapy. Assumes phlebotonic use. They increase the tone of the varicose veins, their dilatability decreases, reduces the capillary permeability, improves the outflow of lymph. Their action is aimed at strengthening the veins of heathyhlebotonics also hinder development complications. But already from the existing will not cure the disease.

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