The impact of daily embraces on well-being

We all have people close to us and try to embrace them as often as possible, thereby showing our unrestrained love. Did you know that this helps strengthen our body and protect it from harmful microorganisms? Let’s understand …

Embrace – Formulation and Influence

Hugs are tactile contact with a person to whom we show some sympathy. Agree, we will not embrace a person who displeases us. Therefore, hugs cannot cause negative emotions. And they develop a positive on the account of the hormone oxytocin, which enters our body with satisfaction. The people call it “the hormone of embrace and love.”

daily embraces
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Dr. Love

American specialist in the field of neuro economics Paul Zack argues that when lovers tightly squeeze each other, then their body produces oxytocin, and they experience happiness. Doctor “Love”, as people called it, prescribes 8 hugs for good health. This is the minimum that a person needs for a comfortable life. But here it is worth making a small amendment – happiness is caused only by strong and long embraces, not less than 10 seconds.

The center of the huge release of oxytocin, Dr. Paul Zach considers weddings – they cannot do without embraces. Once, he conducted an experiment at his friend’s wedding. He came with the right tools and took the blood from all the guests of the wedding, including the perpetrators of the celebration, before the holiday and after. And what do you think? The end of the ceremony showed that practically all of the people present oxytocin in the blood increased several times. Above all he was at the bride – she was the main star on this holiday. The second largest level of “happiness hormone” was her mother. Then there was the groom’s father, then the groom himself, then the family and friends. According to Paul, this wedding ritual was invented by people to feel the physical and emotional connection with the newlyweds. After all, we need them to successfully breed to continue their kind.

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Do you want good health? Embrace!

There is a lot of evidence that strong embraces help us to sleep soundly and less to hurt. Do not believe me? Then read on.

A couple of years ago, in the journal “Psychological Science” was published an article about an interesting social experiment of several scientists. In the course of the study, 404 adults were told how they were closely embraced by their native people. And then they tried to get infected with some kind of viral disease. As a result of the experiment, scientists found out that people who often hug themselves with their loved ones are least susceptible to diseases. Thus, it is proved that tactile contact with loved ones improves the general state of human health.

Another American journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found the effect of daily embrace on the release of the anandamide in the body of the neurotransmitter anandamide (anandamid means “bliss”, “ideal happiness” in sakrit meaning). He participates in the regulation of our sleep and food intake, and also responsible for blocking negative memories. In addition, it helps to increase motivation and satisfaction.

daily embraces
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Hugs = Healthy Psyche

But it is also important psychological health. Does tactile contact also affect it?

Of course, yes! Hugs are important for both children and adults. In the 1960s, American psychologists conducted an experiment – monkey babies (very young) were placed in a cage with two stuffed animals simulating a monkey’s female. One scarecrow was fluffy and warm, and the second was just a metal frame with a bottle of milk. The babies reached for the warm “Mamula” and fell asleep. And the metal “mother” approached only hungry. This proves that the need for love and affection is stronger than hunger.

And as for the kids, it is proved by the example of our mothers and grandmothers that wearing sick children on their hands helps them to recover faster. Pediatricians claim that 4 hugs a day are mandatory for the child, and at 8 hugs he will feel very good.

Adults also need love and affection. On a living example, this was demonstrated by Australian Juan Mann. Once he felt lonely alone, returning from the trip absolutely alone. After some time he was seen on the streets of Sydney with a poster, “Free hugs.” Quite a long time, everyone bypassed Juan party. But suddenly someone touched his hand. She was an elderly woman. “A year ago I lost my only daughter. After my favorite dog died. I remained absolutely alone. I see you feel the same way. Let’s cuddle on our knees,” she said. Juan knelt down and hugged the unfamiliar, but already so close in spirit woman. When they opened their arms, they had tears in their eyes. Then Juan finally felt that he was not alone. After half an hour, one by one began to approach him, and at the end of the evening people were not about to hang up from the lanky glasses. This action has spread all over the world and more and more people from different countries have started to come out with signs “Free hugs”.

But what can push us into hugs with a complete stranger? Psychologists explain this by the biblical commandment about love for one’s neighbor – the feeling of benevolence in man is much greater than evil and aggression. Hugs give us a sense of security, and this brings us memories of Mom’s hands, which always guarded and tried to protect.

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