5 tips on how to become the best wife for your husband

Mutual relations always work but work on themselves. If your husband tells you that you are attractive, sweet, interesting, then this is no reason to relax. Prove that you have the best, using such recommendations:

“You must be well-groomed.” What does it mean? Probably, you now think about your shaved legs, armpits, manicure, clean hair and fresh breath. Of course, this is true, but there must be something in you that attracts you, which is different from other females. Be attractive to him, stir up for yourself an interest.your husband

Always be in a good mood. Evil, grouchy and forever all unsatisfied princess does not need anyone, so “smile and wave.” Your rich inner world is not needed by anyone, especially if there are only guts in it, do not invent anything else for yourself. No luck with the tits swings the ass – the sexiest part of the female body. Read more: COVERAGE AREA: HOW TO APPLY THE VARNISH AND HOW IT DIFFERS FROM CHEAP

Dress attractively and tastefully. Emphasize your dignity and hide your shortcomings. The most versatile for this kind of clothes is “Eve’s Suit”. Just do not get hung up on external attributes, many men do not pay attention to clothes. There are, of course, perverts fetishists, but we do not take them into account. It is important for a normal man that clothes can be easily removed. Various ruffles, curls, lace underwear are of little interest to them. You can not hide fat from them, so the conclusion is very simple – laziness aside and start eating right to get into your favorite clothes, postponed under the name “When I lose weight.” Read more: What to eat before and after training? Pre and post workout tips

 Do not provoke a quarrel, using various methods of manipulation, a man though primitive and does not understand the hints, but has the logic. He will be able to add 2 + 2 = 4 and calculate how much you like him, unlike other women. Do not be offended because of any nonsense, and show some of their advantageous qualities, for example, sexuality. Smile him, as no one could, do not be a fastidious hypocrite. Always try to learn something new, the benefit is at hand the Internet, from a throat blowjob and ending with vumbildingom.

You can be an excellent and trouble-free mistress, bringing only pleasure. Remember, if you do not have sex for a couple of days, this does not mean that he also does not have sex. It’s sad, but the world is not without “good” whores. Therefore, we must make an effort on ourselves, stop being lazy and forget about “duties.”

 Leave him the right to dominate. Give all the furrows of government and yourself in particular in his hands. Trust him. Praised him, only sincerely. They subconsciously feel false. Do compliments, say how lucky you are and then he will always try to make you, will make you even happier.

He must feel that you are his person, with you comfortably and comfortably under one blanket. You’re the one that makes a pleasant surprise when he’s tired. You are the guarantee of his good mood and well-being. Because you are a single entity that has chosen each other from a multimillion crowd of passers-by.

Try always to ask yourself one question: I want to prove that I’m right or I want to be happy!

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