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Natural remedies for dyspepsia

The dyspepsia can be defined as the discomfort in the upper abdomen, discomfort which can be of varying intensity and may be accompanied by bloating, nausea, heartburn, indigestion, and vomiting. What are the causes of this discomfort? As the experts point out, dyspepsia can be caused by a copious meal, by eating spicy or very spicy foods, by excess coffee, alcoholic beverages or tobacco and by the consumption of certain medications, such as anti-inflammatories, which can alter the mucosa. Gastric Stress and anxiety can also be behind. To what natural remedies can we turn to? If they occur often and the symptoms are severe, you have to consult the doctor, although in most cases the discomfort disappears by reviewing the diet and adopting a healthier lifestyle. To avoid bothersome dyspepsia we have some effective natural remedies.

Natural remedies for dyspepsia: Marjoram infusion

Natural remedies

This plant is an herbal remedy very appreciated for its digestive and relaxing effects. Taken in infusion, alone or in combination with mint, rock tea, and chamomile, relieves stomach pains, gas, and intestinal colic. It is especially effective in cases of discomfort caused by an excess of nerves.

Sodium bicarbonate

One of the best-known home remedies used against heartburn and indigestion (half a teaspoon diluted in half a glass of water), helping to relieve the sensation of swelling that can cause the acid that forms inside the stomach.

Apple and gingernatural remedies

If there is a digestive fruit, this is undoubtedly the apple. Rich in fiber, it improves digestion and helps relieve stomach discomfort. The most advisable thing is to eat the apple without skin. For its part, taking a piece of ginger after eating stimulates the gastric juices and the flow of enzymes. The ginger can be taken fresh or in tea (half a teaspoon in a cup of hot water), a good option if stomach pain or gas.

Lemon juice

Just as we must take care of food to protect our digestive system, we must take care of hydration. To relieve heartburn you can drink a glass of warm water with a few drops of lemon juice, ginger, and a little honey. It also relieves swelling.


Among the seeds, we find some effective natural remedies, such as cilantro or fennel, useful against indigestion. In the first case, mix a handful of coriander seeds in half a glass of milk and take it twice daily. With the fennel, we can prepare an infusion, with 2 curds mixed in a cup of hot water.

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