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How many kilos can lose weight in a week ?

When we propose to lose weight we usually want to lose many kilos in the shortest possible time. We seek to achieve a radical change, losing weight quickly, that will lead to the admiration of our acquaintances from one day to the next. However, on the one hand, if we ask the specialists they recommend us to lose an adequate number of kilos per week to do it in a healthy way but this really depends on the weight of the beginning and the current weight. And on the other hand, we find diets that propose lowering an infinity of weight in an unrealistic time. And after all, is it possible to know how many kilos can lose weight in a week? Today we solve that question.

How many kilos can lose weight in 7 days?lose weight

As we said, this will depend fundamentally on our initial physical condition and our metabolic characteristics, but there are generalities considered for the entire population:

One kilo is equivalent to 7000kcallose weight

This means that for every 7000kcal that we subtract or add to our diet we lose or gain a kilo of body mass. For example if we are on a diet of 2000kcal per day, after a week we will be consuming 14000kcal per week, so to lose 1 kilo per week we would have to subtract our 14000 7000kcal equivalents to one kilo, and consume 7000 kcal a week (1000kcal, ie a hypocaloric diet, which is not recommended without medical supervision). But then, does that mean we can not lose more than 1 kilo per week? lose weight in a week on the scale. Read more: a Backache: Have you tried with the heat?

Our basal metabolism

To the above question we must add that although a kilo is 7000kcal, we must remember that the vital functions for example of breathing or digestion, which we do daily and burn our calories, we call that basal metabolism (Here you can get a scale that calculates it accurately). The basal metabolism varies greatly from one person to another and can range between 1200kcal-2500kcal. This means that in the previous example of the 2000kcal that we consume in a day if our basal metabolism is 1500kcal we will have 500kcal of the consumed that we have left for physical activities such as walking or moving an arm.

Exercise helps us with that deficit.

If instead of just eating less we perform an exercise routine or intensify the exercise routine we will burn more calories so we will be creating a deficit that will allow the equation to be negative or what is the same we will spend more calories than we consume, with which we will lose weight. Read more: 5 techniques to overcome panic attacks

There is also waterlose weight

Finally we must say that when you lose weight not only lose body mass but also a lot of water that contains this body mass with which a kilo of loss of Massa can be reflected in up to 2 kilos less on the scale, which At a measurable level, we will lose more than estimated with calories.

With these premises, we can deduce that as we exercise more and eat less, more kilos can be lost and in less time, but what would be the maximum? Performing a balanced diet and a viable exercise routine for a healthy life has been estimated the maximum number of pounds to lose per week around 1- 2 kilos, (depending as we said the personal characteristics of the individual), the method would be in the example named the following:

  • 2000kcal we consume normally, as we are on a diet we will begin to consume 1800kcal.
  • 1500kcal we spend on basal metabolism and 500kcal more to move our body normally if we also exercise one hour we can spend up to 400kcal more.
  • We have a deficit of 600kcal, which a week would give us a loss of 0.5 kilos of body mass loss, which can perfectly translate into 1 kilo less on the scale.

To achieve greater weight loss, we should start from a higher basal metabolism and therefore a higher initial weight.

And now that we know how many kilos we can lose a week and the reason we are ready to get healthy.

Did you know how many kilos could be lost per week? Do not hesitate to share it so that the world will know!

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